A Taste of Yakima!

IMG_9596 John brought these delicious cherries home from Costco yesterday.  As a fruit grower’s daughter, I naturally inspected the label, and was so excited to see they came to Orem’s Costco from our new home in Yakima!   We are so excited to be heading to an area filled with orchards and wonderful fruit like these fabulous cherries!IMG_9598

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8 Responses to A Taste of Yakima!

  1. Curtis and Marilyn Broadbent says:

    We are excited to see the beautiful mission home and to know that you are from Logan. We are Curtis and Marilyn Broadbent, grandparents to Elder Jacob Broadbent who was transferred from the Kennewick mission to you. We too are from Logan and are excited to watch Elder Broadbent’s growth as he has embraced his love for the gospel and is working hard in the Lords vineyard. It is hard to beat the beauty of Cache Valley but it looks like you have found another beautiful area in the Yakama mission.


    • Thank you for checking in! We’re actually from Orem. We are loving this area. It’s a lot like Cache Valley or Heber Valley. I’m trying to figure out a way to photograph the expanse of it. We’ll be meeting Elder Broadbent next week. I’ll give him your love!


  2. Jenny Smith says:

    I am a little technologically challenged. I tried to leave a message yesterday but I don’t think it worked! My name is Jenny Smith and my daughter just got her call to serve in your mission! I have loved reading your blog! My daughter will be coming on August 26th. She can’t wait!!! We have loved hearing about Yakima and the missionaries on your blog. She can’t wait to meet you!


    • Thank you for checking in!! We are thrilled Jenny gets to come here. It’s a fabulous place to serve. We just arrived about 2 weeks ago and have been busy meeting all the missionaries in our 9 zones. What an excellent group of missionaries. She will love it here. I’m glad you found us. We’re expecting a large group of about 22 missionaries arriving here September 8th! She must be in that group! We will receive her with love.


  3. Jenny Smith says:

    Wow! You arrived 2 weeks ago! So exciting! Yes, Anna will be coming with the September 8th group. She leaves for the MTC on the 26th of August. She is so excited and has loved hearing about the mission! We are thrilled to have a missionary serve from our family again…such amazing blessings! It has been wonderful to get to know you a little bit through your blog. I know she will be in good hands. Anna is away at girls camp this summer, so we will have a short window to get he ready! (But she is thrilled about that!) Just wondering if she will be riding a bike? She thought that may impact what kind of skirts, etc. she gets. She spent this past year at Snow College in Ephraim and has been very excited to hear that she will going to a more rural place! Thank you for all that you are doing for these missionaries.

    -Jenny Smith


  4. I’ll ask around about Sisters and bikes. I haven’t heard of any using any (but I haven’t asked). I think most have access to cars or they walk in their areas. I know of a few Elders who ride bikes, but not too many. We are so thrilled to receive every new missionary. We have 117 here now, after splitting from the Kennewick mission July 1st. Our numbers will increase until we meet our full compliment of 200 in the coming months. Anna will be a part of this historic new mission’s growth! Where are you located?


  5. Jenny Smith says:

    We are from Salt Lake City. Anna is currently working at Brighton LDS Girls Camp as a counselor for 12-13 year old girls. Anna is going to be so excited that I have been able to talk with you! 200 missionaries sounds so big! Our son’s mission only had about 60! So this is new for us! How fun to be a part of this new mission!



  6. Jes and Brenda Favila says:

    Hola Presidente y Hermana Lewis. Our son Austin Favila was called to serve in the Yakima mission, spanish speaking! He leaves to the Mexico MTC Sept. 9th, after which he will be sent north to Washington. We are so excited for him to serve there! You see, my wife and I are from Washington! My wife grew up in Oroville and I grew up in Othello. We now live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. My wife served her mission at Temple Square and I served in Puerto Rico. Our son has shared in our mission stories and he’s excited to have his own. We are visiting the Yakima area next week (July 26-August 1) and would very much love to me both of you and introduce our son Austin to the area. I’ve told him about the area, the hispanic people, the many orchards, wonderful produce and the great members of the church!
    Respectfully, Jes & Brenda Favila


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