Meeting our Yakima Mission Office Couples at the MTC!

2015-6-12 MTC with Office CouplesThis is getting exciting!  This week we learned that our office couples, the Thompsons and Calls, were here at the Provo MTC.  We arranged to have lunch with them there, and what a delight that was!  Sister Thompson will look after mission finances and housing.  Elder Thompson will take care of the fleet of cars.  Sister Call will be our mission secretary, and Elder Call will be the recorder.  They all live in Yakima and are thrilled that we get to start a new mission there.  We are going to have a great time working together.  They have headed back to Yakima now, for their office training with the Kennewick office staff.  These wonderful missionaries will be ready to receive us when we arrive in a couple of weeks.  We can hardly wait!

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1 Response to Meeting our Yakima Mission Office Couples at the MTC!

  1. Beth Watkins says:

    Two of the best couples you could have gotten! We love all four of them.


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