Elder Aaron Lewis in Santiago–An Exciting Transfer!

2015-7 Aaron Transfer 1 Here is our son, Elder Lewis, who is serving in the Santiago South Mission.  We received some exciting news from him this week in his letter home–he’s been transferred–and not just anywhere.  I know now, first hand, how Mission Presidents pray and seek inspiration about where each missionary serves.  Here is Aaron’s report:

President called me into an interview on Sunday and called me to be a Zone Leader.  So I kinda had to go to a new area, and I now know that the Lord works through inspiration, because I´m in Adam’s very same sector, where he  finished his mission.  It just feels right.  I don´t think that it was ever a coincidence that Adam and I got called so close [in time] to each other.  And now I am exactly where he is.  I looked though the Area Book last  night and found multiple papers with Elder Lewis on them. I´m going to go looking for every one of them! Adam, go though your planners and send me lists of your investigators and Less actives! I´m ready to help finish the work that you started!!

My comp is named Elder Ware.  He´s from Logan, Utah and has 1 change more than me in the mission.  We´ve been friends throughout the mission and I´m really excited to be his comp and learn from him! He´s a great Elder.

. . . It was kinda hard to say goodbye to the ward.  Even after only 3 months there, I felt like I gained a lot of new friendships and I will always remember them.  Bitter sweet experience.  I´m having a couple camera difficulties, so the pictures are on hold, but hopefully next week I can send you some snap-shots.

Alright, love you all.  Trust in the Lord.  He answers prayers.  I´m so excited to be here in this sector, to finish my mission exactly where my brother did.  Thanks for the amazing example, Adam.  I have and awesome family.

Elder Lewis2015-7 Aaron Transfer

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  1. Natalie says:

    That’s so cool!


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