Today’s Trainer / Trainee Meetings

IMG_0440This morning we had our first Trainer / Trainee Meeting here at the Mission Home.  All the new missionaries and their companions from the southern part of the mission came to learn about the 12 week training program (and other things) available for helping to prepare everyone in the best possible way.  We spent about 3 hours learning and sharing and practicing and discussing this amazing calling we have each received.  We represent Jesus Christ and we love Him.  This is His work.  We are His messengers.  There are some amazing tools available to help us learn how to help others come to know Him.2015-7-31 The First 12 Weeks
You can read about them here:

Adjusting to Missonary LifeIMG_0441IMG_0442

Training by some of our Yakima Zone leaders, Elder Wilkey and Elder Brady:IMG_0443

Instruction from President Lewis to the Trainers while the new missionaries learned and did some role plays downstairs:IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0446 IMG_04472015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (10)Passing around the Vitamin C to keep everyone happy and healthy:2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (11)Role plays:2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (12)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (13)

After the training everyone enjoyed some freshly-picked fruit, straight from the fruit stand this morning.  Ginger Crisp Apples, peaches, nectarines and apricots.  YUM.  2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (15)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (17)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (16)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (19)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (20)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (21)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (22)

Elder Tietjen was the lucky one today with a hand-delivered care package from his family.  They dropped by the office this morning and Elder and Sister Call brought it by for him.  It’s hard to leave family and these missionaries are GRATEFUL for letters and packages.   Elder Tietjen’s 2 little sisters helped pack this one with great love.  Thank you, girls!  It will be 2 whole years before you can see each other face to face, but packages like this help ease that separation a bit.  The other Elders asked me to post these photos so their families might do the same!2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (24)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (25)2015-7-31 Trainer Trainee Mtg (26)

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2 Responses to Today’s Trainer / Trainee Meetings

  1. Amy Trump says:

    I see they are studying with books. Is it expected they will carry I-Pads soon?


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