Hungry?? Try Miners!

IMG_0172[1] IMG_0171[1]We learned about Miner’s the first week we arrived.  Quantity Burgers and Fries.  We went there today between meetings–we were starving!  True enough–the burgers were 6″ and an order of fries would have fed a family!  You can see we split a burger and took fries back to the office to share.  Delicious meal.  Also fresh fruit shakes of all varieties.  Yum.2015-3  (3)  2015-3  (4) 2015-3  (5)Loved the outside decor!  This place has been around since 1948!   IMG_0170[1]

Topped things off tonight with the Assistants and our traditional fresh banana shakes.  We make them often for these excellent helpers.  They are their favorite.  I keep buying bananas just for them!   We love these Elders like sons.  We love all our Missionaries–more than we can express.  This is the best job Ever!

Tomorrow we head to Quincy to see the rest of the new arrivals and their trainers, and also to have a training meeting with those who arrived the transfer before.  It’s going to be another great day! 2015-3  (6)

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