Training today in Quincy

2015-8-3 Training (42)      2015-8-3 Training (47)We met today in Quincy (1.5 hours north-ish from Yakima) for two Meetings.  The first was with missionaries who arrived in June and their companions.  We taught and discussed the Doctrine of Christ as found in 2 Nephi 31-33 and 3 Nephi and other places in the scriptures.  Jesus tells us His doctrine is Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.  That is what we teach.  It’s powerful doctrine that changes lives–ours and those we teach.  If you have not recently read 2 Nephi 31-33, you would enjoy learning and remembering these beautiful doctrines.

Here are some photos from our morning meeting:2015-8-3 Training (4) 2015-8-3 Training (2)2015-8-3 Training (11) - Copy - Copy2015-8-3 Training (12) - Copy - Copy    2015-8-3 Training (13) - Copy - Copy    2015-8-3 Training (16) - Copy    2015-8-3 Training (18) - Copy    2015-8-3 Training (21)    2015-8-3 Training (10) - Copy - Copy2015-8-3 Training (14) - Copy - Copy2015-8-3 Training (25)     2015-8-3 Training (30)

Here is the whole group:2015-8-3 Training (6)

After a short break we started another meeting with our next batch–this time the new missionaries who arrived last week with their companions.  We had a trainer / trainee meeting like we had last Friday in the southern part of our mission.  In the photos below you’ll see these new missionaries with their companions or trainers and also some of our Zone Leaders who helped with the training.  We had a really fun morning hearing about their first week and how things are going.

Like last Friday, we reviewed the booklet Adjusting to Missionary Life and then split into training for the trainers while the Assistants worked with the new missionaries.  These are such amazing missionaries!  It’s so fun just to be with them and hear about their adventures and miracles.  Sister Herschi told us how she wondered about her transfer north after only 6 weeks in Selah.  Then this week she met the 14 year-old daughter in a family she and her companion went to teach.  The family is preparing for baptism, but the daughter is deaf.  Sis. Herschi knows ASL and will use her sign language to teach her. “Know I know why I was sent here,” she told me.  God is in the details.  We all feel it.

It was such a thrill to hear each companion introduce each other.  So many of them said, “And this is my companion–he’s the Best Ever!”

Here are some photos of this group:2015-8-3 Training (20) 2015-8-3 Training (32)    2015-8-3 Training (33) 2015-8-3 Training (34)    2015-8-3 Training (38) 2015-8-3 Training (39)    2015-8-3 Training (41)

Here are our excellent Trainers.  Your missionaries are in the very best hands!2015-8-3 Training (35)

Here is Sister Herschi practicing American Sign Language with Sis. Mrozek:2015-8-3 Doctrine of Christ Training   (27)    2015-8-3 Doctrine of Christ Training   (28)2015-8-3 Doctrine of Christ Training   (29)We grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading back for a meeting in Yakima.  What a great day it’s been!

2015-8-3 Quincy Food (2) 2015-8-3 Quincy Food (1)2015-8-3 Quincy Food (3)

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