We have a New Washington Yakima Mission Facebook Page!

2015-8-3 Facebook Page Started

I received this Facebook message today from Eric Ranta, the father of one of our new missionaries:

Hi Ann, I’ve started this FB page to make it easy for people with missionaries in Yakima to ask questions and communicate. My son, Brett, just started missionary work in the Washington Yakima mission. My daughter is in Albania, and the South Adriatic Mission page has been a great place to share pics, ask questions, and get info. I have also pinned your blog at the top to make it easy to find. I just started the page a few days ago, but I hope more people join as they become aware of it. Thanks

If you are a Facebook user, go find this page and ask to join.  It’s a closed group, which means you need to be invited or ask to be a part of it, and what we post won’t be out in the public–only those in the group will see it.  Like Brother Ranta says, this will be a great place for you to meet and visit with each other and share experiences and ask questions.  If you have a missionary serving in the mission and they send home photos, you can share them here with other families.  If you are returning  home from serving in this mission, you can keep in touch with your mission friends.  All who are interested are welcome to join us.  This will be a very fun way to continue to connect and share mission experiences.

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