Daily Dose–A Huge Blessing for Many!

2015-8-10 Daily Dose Gilberts (4)Meet Elder and Sister Gilbert, our Daily Dose Missionaries.  We met with them yesterday in our office meeting and learned about this program that is being used throughout the Yakima Mission.  What a blessing this program brings to many!

Daily Dose was developed in 2001 by an LDS convert from Argentina.  He developed a way to help employees of large corporations improve their English speaking skills.  Companies like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s and McDonald’s used this program.  In 2003 he showed his materials to Elders Eyring, Scott and Ballard, and in 2004 an LDS version was developed and donated for use in the mission field.  We use it here throughout our mission area.  2015-8-10 Daily Dose   (7)

Here’s how the program works:

Small groups of 5-10 individuals meet twice a week in churches, public buildings or homes.  These groups are called “huddles.”  Each huddle has a volunteer facilitator who guides the learning.  The meetings are 30 minutes long and each covers one single topic.  Each topic has a poster with pictures and vocabulary.  There are 48 posters, one for every week.  The lessons last one year and each is independent and stands alone.  Anyone can join at any time.

Anyone wishing to improve their English language skills is welcome.  There is no cost.  The  emphasis is on speaking and conversations, with topics that help the students get along in an English community.  Lessons include things like how to introduce yourself, where you are from, how to visit a doctor’s office, a post office, a grocery store or bank.  They learn vocabulary and sentences that help them navigate shopping and restaurants, how to apply for a job, attending a church, or asking directions.  There are also lessons on topics like holidays, how to pray, spending time with your family, staying healthy, and strengthening youth.

The facilitator helps the students of all ages learn through repetition and conversation. With this small group approach, class members become friends and gain confidence in their ability to speak English.  Understanding and pronunciation improve drastically as the students progress through the lessons. Graduation certificates are give every 12 weeks.

These Daily Dose classes are held all over our mission.  Some are in homes, some are in places of employment, some even out in the fields.  A few weeks ago when we visited the Allred’s dairy in Royal City, we learned that a Daily Dose class was held there at the dairy. We have dozens and dozens of facilitators who volunteer their time to help and they love it.  It’s a great way to give back to our local communities and help our friends and neighbors.  Many students repeat the class–we learned of one class member who has been learning for 4 years now!

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful program, please talk to your Bishop and let him know you’d like to help.  We could use you.   Below are more details about this program.  Take a look:2015-8-10 Daily Dose   (5) 2015-8-10 Daily Dose   (6) 2015-8-10 Daily Dose   (4)

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2 Responses to Daily Dose–A Huge Blessing for Many!

  1. What a nice article about the Daily Dose English Program. Thanks to all those who have volunteered to teach this program. As far as we know, Daily Dose is being used in over 45 countries throughout the world. This program runs on love and compassion, not so much on books or grammar rules. A special thanks to Elder and Sister Gilbert! Adrian R. Escalante, Author of DD.


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