To The Dalles, Hood River, Stevenson and Back

2015-8-11 Hood RiverWe saw more of the beautiful corners of our Yakima Mission today.  We traveled to the Columbia River Gorge, through The Dalles to Hood River and then to Stevenson for some interviews.  What a beautiful part of the country we passed through.  We would have enjoyed staying a few weeks!  Our mission extends into Oregon in this beautiful river valley.  Mount Hood stands sentinel in the distance.Mt. Hood overlooking Hood River Valley

Here is our path from Yakima:2015-8-11 MapAnd here is a closer look from Hood River to Stevenson.  2015-8-11 Columbia River Gorge mapWe followed the river on Oregon side, then crossed the Bridge of the Gods back to the Washington side and Stevenson.  Then we returned on the Lewis and Clark Highway to White Salmon, crossing back over to Hood River, where we watched 100s of windsurfers and kite boarders dancing on and over the water.  It was magical!  Hood River is the windsurfing capital of the world.  It was so fun to watch.  People come here from all over the world.

2015-8-11 (34) 2015-8-11 (31) 2015-8-11 (32) 2015-8-11 (33)2015-8-11 (25)2015-8-11 (26)2015-8-11 (29)2015-8-11 (21)2015-8-11 (19)If you come this way, here’s a list the chamber of commerce shares of things to do:2015-08-11 To Do in Hood River

Here’s a look at Stevenson.  A beautiful steamboat cruise ship was stopping for the day.2015-8-11 (11) 2015-8-11 (12) 2015-8-11 (14) 2015-8-11 (15) 2015-8-11 (16)Here is the chapel in Stevenson in a beautiful forested area:2015-8-11 Stevenson Chapel (1) 2015-8-11 Stevenson Chapel (2)And here is our chapel in Hood River: 2015-8-11 Hood River ChapelAnd here are Elders Romney and Mayes who serve here:2015-8-11 Hood River (6)

As we drove home into the evening, we passed through a wind farm with dozens of wind mills harvesting the wind.  They are mesmerizing and beautiful.2015-8-11  (39)2015-8-11  (37) 2015-8-11  (38)It’s such a wonderful thought to consider all the missionaries serving in each of these beautiful areas of our Yakima Mission.  Please pray for them.  Please love them.  Please open your doors and hearts to them.

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2 Responses to To The Dalles, Hood River, Stevenson and Back

  1. Valerie Michalek says:

    Gorgeous!! What a beautiful mission. My daughter is so excited!


  2. suzfox2002 says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures. Makes me want to visit…


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