Just Another Day at the Office!

2015-8-31 Office Fun (2)Mondays are SO fun!  We have meetings at the Office with our Office Missionaries.  And because it’s P-Day, we usually have a few missionaries dropping by for supplies, hugs, or M&Ms.  Some come to use the computers to email friends and family.  Some come to visit with President Lewis.  We laugh a lot and love our work.  Here are a few photos from today.  The Elders above are picking up cases of copies of The Book of Mormon.

Here is Elder Smith, with fresh-picked Gala apples from his farm.2015-8-31 Office (1) 2015-8-31 Office (3)

Sisters Blackner and Kennedy dropped by to use the computers.  I loved their newly-decorated September planners.2015-8-31 Office (4) 2015-8-31 Office (6) 2015-8-31 Office (8)

The Assistants and President Lewis planning tomorrow’s MLC meetings:2015-8-31 Office (9)

Elder Hull gets the coolest care packages from his Grandma.  Today it was 4 bottles of marinara sauce!2015-8-31 Office (10)

Sisters Marble and Taua dropped by to visit:2015-8-31 Office (11)

Elders Hull and Jensen keeping Sister Call company:2015-8-31 Office (12)

Elder Cox brought Sister Call a gift for the front desk:2015-8-31 Office (13)

Elders Smith and Archibald organizing bedding for all the missionaries arriving next week:2015-8-31 Office (14) 2015-8-31 Office (15)

Took a lunch run to our favorite pizza place–Mod Pizza.  Amazing Good Stuff:  2015-8-31 Office Fun (7) 2015-8-31 Office Fun (6)

We keep a jar of M&Ms at the office.  It’s filled again almost every day.  It reminds me of this cartoon:

M&Ms  2015-8-31 Office Fun (13)

Here is what happens when I leave my camera unattended:2015-8-31 Office (20) 2015-8-31 Office (19) 2015-8-31 Office (18) 2015-8-31 Office (17)

And of course, there is always mail to sort and forward:2015-8-31 Office Fun (12)

So you can see, we’ve had a fun day.  We laugh a lot and we all enjoy being together.

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