Preparing to Receive 26 New Missionaries!

2015-9-5 Transfer Planning (2)We will be opening 12 new areas next week.  Consider what that means.  Some will be in new apartments or will double up in existing apartments.  Some will need cars (which haven’t arrived yet).  Some will be in walking areas, or biking areas.

Elder McBean, one of our local volunteer missionaries has been building 6 beautiful bunk beds in his garage.  Sister Thompson has been gathering bedding and linens and cleaning supplies.  Furniture is being gathered from local members and friends.

This morning, President Lewis was on the phone, non-stop, for 5 hours making the “leadership calls.”  That means any missionary who will be training a new missionary (the 12 week program), or anyone becoming a new District or Zone Leader got a personal phone call from him explaining their new assignment.   I listened as I did my exercises from the other room, and smiled as I imagined all the excitement these phone calls elicit.

Where in the world would you dream of finding 117 missionaries ready and willing to go wherever they are asked, to live with someone they may not yet know well, for an undetermined period of time?   It happened today in Yakima.

Tonight a recorded message will go out to all the missionaries revealing all the changes this transfer.  This will allow the missionaries a day at church to say good byes, and a day to get ready to move.  Not everyone moves every transfer, but about half will.  There is excitement in the air.  Those who will be training a new missionary won’t know who, until after they arrive and have their interviews with President Lewis.  Once he meets them, he’ll prayerfully consider where they should go for their first area.  I love hearing him say, “It’s right now,” as we work on transfers and consider every possible companionship and area.  I have no doubt Heavenly Father’s hand is in this work.

Jesus, speaking to his disciples said, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.  He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. . . .”  (Mark 16:15).

We are in a corner of that vineyard, here in the Yakima Mission.  We will do as He has asked.

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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2 Responses to Preparing to Receive 26 New Missionaries!

  1. Melanie Dalton says:

    Sister Ann Lewis,
    Thank you so much for keeping us informed on all that is happening in Yakima! My son, Elder Braden Dalton will be joining you on Tuesday! It is such a blessing and great comfort to read and see all of your love for our children! I feel your love and sweet spirit 🙂
    Thank you for taking care of them!
    Melanie Dalton

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  2. Natalie Mochizuki says:

    So many things we at home have never thought of. Thanks to all of you for your love and service. It’s not an easy job for sure. Please tell us the new areas that are opening up. It’s so exciting to see the changes and growth!

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