Othello’s Onions!

2015-9-13 Othello (2)While the men had their Priesthood meeting, I headed out on a self-guided tour of Othello. I was excited to see what I could learn about this place we hear so much about.  From the Stake Center, I headed out into the farms surrounding town to see what I could discover. The Stake Center is the large-roofed tan building below with the parking lots around it. You’ll notice the huge green field north of the neighborhood.  That was my first stop.Othello Stake Center arial Below is an aerial view of Othello.  The purple dot is where the Stake Center is.  You can see the green fields to the north:Othello Town arialHere is what those fields looked like today–Onions Everywhere!!  2015-9-12 Othello (3)It was so fun to see the onions being prepared for harvest.  I felt like Easter, with all the Easter Eggs left out.  I smiled later when I found the Easterday Farms building in town with an Easter Bunny on their sign.  In 1958 the Easterday family began farming onions in Othello.  2015-9-12 Othello (59)I found more onions fields as I drove out of town.  It was a spectacular sight–beautiful golden onions as far as the eye could see!2015-9-12 Othello (49)2015-9-12 Othello (48)I watched as the harvester came closer, it was bringing the onions out of the ground so they can “cure” in the sun for a few days.2015-9-12 Othello (45)2015-9-12 Othello (47)2015-9-12 Othello (46)2015-9-12 Othello (52) 2015-9-12 Othello (53) 2015-9-12 Othello (55)

Here is another field of red onions:2015-9-12 Othello (57) 2015-9-12 Othello (58)

Easterday Farms has a wonderful onion business you’ll enjoy learning more about here:


Be sure to watch the very interesting short film on the movie link about their onion production:


The onions are not only beautiful, they smelled earthy and good.  I was happy to learn more about this process today.

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