The Things You Learn on Missions: How to Eat York Peppermint Patties!

2015-9-17 at mission home (6)When I was in high school we’d go “sparking” after dances.  It was all big talk, like we were off to do something naughty.  In reality, we’d take rolls of CERTS breath mints, go into a dark place and bite them with our back teeth.  They’d make a flash of sparked light in your mouth in the dark.  That was it.  Sparking.

Well, I’ve learned a new trick.  Elder Archibald has taught me how to eat York Peppermint Patties. We keep a stash of candies in our kitchen drawers for the missionaries.  The York patties are the favorites right now (caramels and Starburst disappear pretty fast too).

So, did you know that if you break a peppermint patty right next to your ear, you can hear it sigh??  Yep.  It makes a delightful sound that will make you smile.  Try it.  2015-9-17 at mission home (3)   2015-9-17 at mission home (4)   2015-9-17 at mission home (5)2015-9-18 Elders Smith & Archibald (1) 2015-9-17 at mission home (7)   2015-9-17 at mission home (8)  2015-9-18 Elders Smith & Archibald (3)We are getting so smart here in Yakima!

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