Yakima Stake Family History Discovery Day

2015-9-19 FH Fair (36)This morning we attended a wonderful Family History Fair at the Yakima Stake Center.  It was so fun to be among friends and neighbors who are interested in their family history.  There were 3 hours of classes and workshops between 9:00 and noon.  I was asked to teach one on how to make a Life Chronology or Timeline.  It was great.  2015-9-19 FH Fair (37) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (38)

Quilts from the mission home, among many wonderful displays:2015-9-19 FH Fair (39) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (40) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (41) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (42) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (43) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (44) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (45) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (46) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (47) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (48) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (50) 2015-9-19 FH Fair (51)

For those of you who knew me before Yakima, I was a Family History teacher.  I’ve had a few thousand students the last few years.  I found myself WISHING  I had some way to teach all our missionaries my entire semester-long Family History Course.  I’m not sure how to make that happen.  It’s important and it’s really fun if you know what to do and how to do it.

Today I shared this thought from Ron O. Barney, who works for the Church History Department:

“If you do not write your story, your name will be obliterated from the human record and you will not speak from the grave. You will not have any influence on those who come after you. Those who write about the things they have done and learned in life have a huge impact on posterity.  Write your story. You have overcome things your children need to know about.”

Preparing a life chronology for you or a parent or a child is one good way to stop that obliteration.  If you are are interested in learning more, my Family History Course is free, online here:   http://familyhistorycourse.com/

The topics of the classes are listed below.  Each is a 2 hour discussion.  You are welcome to listen in if you’d like to have some excellent Family History help.

1.   Introduction to Family History Work
2.   Journal Keeping
3.   Life Chronologies and Time Lines
4.   Your Personal History
5.    Organizing Your Computer Files, Digitizing
6.   Doing Descendant Research, FAG, Types of Sources: Primary, Secondary, Compiled
7.   Types of Records and Where to Find Them, Censuses, Document Binders
8.   Sourcing Documents
9.   Using the Internet to Search, Google
10.  Location Research
11.  Finding Histories of Family Members, Oral Histories
12.  LDS Sources, Blessings of the Temple
13.  The Spirit World / Sharing Success Stories

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