Home Away from Home in Royal City

2015-9-23 Alred Home Royal City (1) Imagine waking up to these views every morning!  We spent the night here in Royal City with our great friends, the Allreds.  They another wonderful family of farming tradition.2015-9-23 Alred Home Royal City (2) You can see for miles and miles in every direction from their home on the hill.  The field above the golden pasture where cows are grazing is where they are harvesting their potatoes right now.  They’ve been harvesting 17 days now,  800 acres of potatoes grown here.  The Allreds also farm corn, alfalfa, apples, cherries and have a dairy farm.

They also raise really cute kids and grandkids!  President and Sister Allred were called to preside over the Utah Logan mission at the same time we came here.  They offered their home to us when we needed a place to spend the night when we are on the road.  It’s been a life-saver and a welcome refuge.  2015-9-23 Alred Home Royal City (3) 2015-9-23 Alred Home Royal City (4) 2015-9-23 Alred Home Royal City (5) 2015-9-23 Alred Home Royal City (6) 2015-9-23 Alred Home Royal City (7) 2015-9-23 Alred Home Royal City (8)

We first learned about Royal City a few years ago when our next door neighbors in Orem had a daughter move there to raise her beautiful family.  Katie and Larry Christensen’s kids are great!  They and all of the Allred cousins are leaders and examples  in their schools and in the community.  They are also excellent missionaries, inviting friends to participate with them in their ward activities.  Their good works soften hearts all around them.

I was thrilled to go home with some Royal High sweat pants, designed by Katie’s son, who left on his mission last week.  I will wear them with Royal High pride!2015-9-23 Royal City Sweats

Here’s a clip about Royal High’s football team and some of our local members:

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2 Responses to Home Away from Home in Royal City

  1. Katie christensen says:

    Wow! Thanks. We need to get you and President Lewis some shirts to go with those sweatpants.


  2. I loved serving in Royal City 2011. Later I knew it became part of a different mission, but still want to stop by some time and visit with the great members, friends and converts who became part of my family.


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