Days for Girls in Wenatchee

2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (76)Meet Kathi Irving from the Wenatchee Stake and Margie Kerr, organizer of the Make a Difference Day in Wenatchee.  This is the 25th year this day of service in Wenatchee has been held.  Today there were more than 60 events held all over town–clean ups, workshops and summit gatherings on important topics, donation drop-offs, and humanitarian service projects.  Our women led the way with one of the most successful events held!

About 200 women and young women came today to learn about Days for Girls, an international non-profit organization that makes and distributes feminine hygiene kits to girls in developing areas who have no access to feminine hygiene products.  Because of this, they miss up to one week of school every single month.2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (78)In my life before this mission, I was a full-time Days for Girls Advocate, mobilizing thousands of women in Utah and beyond to become involved in this movement.  In the last 3 years, more than 30,000 women have participated in more than 300 events in Utah. It was heartbreaking for me to step away from them–until I met women like Kathi Irving in Wenatchee and Toni McBean in Yakima.

With their help, we are introducing Days for Girls to the women in our Washington Yakima Mission areas.  I am thrilled.  Today was our first event in Wenatchee, and we invited our missionary Sisters to come serve with us.  We had an outstanding day, working from 10:00 to 2:00.  Below are a few photos of our missionaries hard at work.  To see more photos of the event, please go to our Facebook page found here:

Days for Girls Yakima Team:

2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee Sisters2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (7)2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (8)2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (22)2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (30)2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (46)2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (52)2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (59)2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (64)Thanks to President Lewis and Stake President Hunsaker for their support and help today!2015-10-24 DfG Wenatchee (79)

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