Interviews 6 Nov 2015 with The Dalles Zone

2015-11-6 TD Zone Interviews (2) Today our rounds of interviews began.  In the next 2 weeks, we’ll be visiting every zone all over the mission to interview each missionary.  This happens every other transfer, or every other 6 week period.  During one transfer we hold zone conference, during the next President Lewis has interviews.  While he’s visiting with each missionary, I get to visit with those waiting and FEED them COOKIES and fruit and yummy things.

Today we headed south, stopping first in Goldendale where Elders Sailsberry and Miller are serving.  Goldendale has about 3000 residents.  It’s a nice place on the way to The Dalles.  Here are our Elders and here is their ward building:2015-11-6 TD Zone Interviews (3)

We continued down into Oregon and The Dalles, where we met with Zone Leaders, Elder LaFond and Elder Sollis.  They are having a great time serving with Elder Wilson and Elder King.2015-11-6 TD Zone Interviews (7) 2015-11-6 TD Zone Interviews (10)

Then we continued to Hood River where our District Leader is Elder Jarvis, serving with Elder Roe.  Elders Mayes and Criddle are also in this district.2015-11-6 TD Zone Interviews (15) These Elders taught me how to take a selfie.  I’m pretty old school with a camera.2015-11-6 TD Zone Interviews (28) We have 4 beautiful sisters serving in this district.  Sisters McArthur and Alcocer are working in White Salmon (across the river) and Sisters Leyva and Hansen are in Hood River.  This is beautiful country and these Sisters make it even more so!2015-11-6 TD Zone Interviews (31) 2015-11-6 TD Zone Interviews (33)A day spent with missionaries is a good day.  I love these missionaries.  Their commitment and excitement and faith and courage to do hard things is inspiring.  They work so hard and they love this work.  It makes me better just being with them.

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