A Visit to Oroville

IMG_1075[1] It was dark when we arrived in Oroville to visit Sisters Crofts and Campbell.  This is their cute little home.2015-11-8 Road Trip (65) 2015-11-8 Road Trip (66) 2015-11-8 Road Trip (67) 2015-11-8 Road Trip (68)They took us out on a short tour of their area–in the dark we saw the church building there, which is just a few miles away from the Canadian border, on the same road.  We went to the border, as close as we could go without crossing.  It was pretty formidable. Here’s a picture I found of what it looks like in the daylight:

2015-11-8 Oroville Canadian BorderIt was delightful visiting with these Sisters.  I’m so proud of them and the wonderful things they are doing, day after day.  It’s exciting to hear about all the wonderful people they are meeting.2015-11-8 Road Trip (70)

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