A Relaxing Saturday Morning Roll Tutorial

We love the Allred families in Royal.  When we stay at the Allred’s, we eat really good food.  They are kind and they treat us like family.  Erin Allred Pike and her family and Tyson take really good care of us.  We love being with them.  Erin’s 3 Adorables remind me of our kids at those ages.  They even look like our kids did back when.  Here is their family:2015-11-14 Erin Allred Pike FamilyWe were up late last night (with hot wasail and donuts, neighbors, family and friends) at an after-the football-game celebration.  I visited with Ashlee Allred Frank about Days for Girls and how to get kits to Haiti with an organization Ashlee and her husband help with there.  That will happen in the coming weeks.  There are finished kits in my garage waiting for a perfect home.  We also talked about FOOD and shared recipes and missionary food ideas from their mom, who is serving in the Utah Logan Mission.

This morning Ashlee came over to show me how to make their family’s famous dinner rolls.  We made rolls which were frozen and then came home with us late tonight after all the baptisms.  These will make some of our missionaries very happy!  2015-11-14 Allreds making rolls (5)2015-11-14 Allreds making rolls (1) 2015-11-14 Allreds making rolls (3)It was a relaxing Saturday morning with these dear friends, who have become like family to us.  2015-11-14 Allreds making rolls (7) Raspberry rolls too!2015-11-14 Allreds making rolls (10) 2015-11-14 Allreds making rolls (12)We are grateful for these dear friends and appreciate their kindness to us.

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