Stake Youth Missionary Fireside in Yakima

2015-11-15 Yakima Stake Youth Fireside (3)Tonight President Lewis and I spoke at a Stake Youth Fireside in Yakima about missionary work.  It was great.  I’ll bet there were 150 bright-eyed beautiful kids who came!  We introduced ourselves and talked about fun ways to be missionaries.

The first thing to do is to Glow.  Be happy.  Be excited.  Be an example.

Then we taught them about OYMing, or opening your mouth, or just talking to friends and we explained CHANT as taught here at a zone conference:2015-9-24 ZC  YA, SE, YV, TD (53)Then we encouraged everyone to Invite.  Invite over to your house, invite to an activity, invite to church, invite friends to come to places where they can feel the difference.

After explaining those simple steps, we had them practice visiting with someone they hadn’t met yet.  The chapel was filled with chatter and happiness!  It was really fun. After some Q&A, we had root beer floats in the cultural hall.  As you can see, these kids are bright and beautiful.  They are already a light to those around them.  2015-11-15 Yakima Stake Youth Fireside (1)2015-11-15 Yakima Stake Youth Fireside (2) 2015-11-15 Yakima Stake Youth Fireside (6)

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