Selah Zone Interviews

2015-11-17 Selah Zone (16)Today we went to Selah and Ellensburg to have interviews with the missionaries in the Selah Zone.  It was a cold and blustery day.  Really cold and really windy.  But hearts are warm in the Yakima Mission!  Elders Jensen and Jensen are our Zone Leaders here.  They each have a younger companion, but they lead together.  This zone is working on eliminating anything that takes the focus off of missionary work.  Each missionary is working hard to focus his or her attention on others and the work.2015-11-17 Selah Zone (8)2015-11-17 Selah Zone (5)Elder Watts: “Happiness is a choice.  Joy is a blessing (it must be earned).”2015-11-17 Selah Zone (3)Elder D. Jensen:  “You always have a choice.  You are always accountable.”
Elder Saitman’s 3 words to describe missionary work:  “very very hard.”2015-11-17 Selah Zone (4)Elder Carroll:  “I love watching people feel the Spirit for the very first time.”2015-11-17 Selah Zone (6)Sisters Averett and Smith are having a 40-Day Fast.  They’re trying hard to give up things that stand between them and total consecration.  They’re listing things they are avoiding for the next 40 days–things like talking about movies, complaining, excuses, lazy prayers, negativity about others, sarcasm and acting for attention.  They love being together and said, “This transfer is ours to make whatever we want of it.”  They are amazing.2015-11-17 Selah Zone (7)Sister Michalek’s mom made these Yakima Mission necklaces for the 3 of us!  We LOVE them and we each had ours on today.  These Sisters are both focusing on the attributes of Christ and how to turn outward towards others more, loving as He loved.2015-11-17 Selah SistersAfter visiting with all of these 14 missionaries, we headed to Ellensburg where the other 8 in this zone met with us.2015-11-17 Selah Zone (9)Elder Broadbent:  “I know why I’m here.”
Elder Sandholz:  “You could study repentance for a lifetime and still learn new things.  Repentance changes everything!”2015-11-17 Selah Zone (12)2015-11-17 Selah Zone (13)Sisters Harston and Oliva taught 26 lessons this week!  That’s pretty amazing.  They are like a bright light everywhere they go.  They speak Spanish and work in all 3 Ellensburg wards.  They radiate love and have done wonders, opening this area.2015-11-17 Selah Zone (14)2015-11-17 Ellensburg2015-11-17 Ellensburg 22015-11-17 Ellensburg 32015-11-17 Ellensburg 1

These missionaries warmed my heart today.  We love being with them.

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