Othello Zone Interviews

2015-11-20 Othello Zone (38)Today we drove to Othello.  We woke to an icy cold frosty morning.  The temperatures at night are dipping down into the 20s and mornings look like a frosty wonderland, especially after a bit of rain yesterday.  The drive was beautiful–cold and crisp out.

We were greeted by our trusty Zone Leaders, Elders Turley and Tanner who had the Othello Stake Center set up and ready for us.  Pres. Lewis and I each take a separate room (mine is the fun one!), his is the serious one.  I’ve been bringing Rice Krispie Treats and tangerines to interviews this time ’round.  While Pres. Lewis interviews each missionary, I visit with their companion and hear all about what they are doing and learning.  This is the best “job” ever.

Here are our wonderful Othello Elders and Sisters:2015-11-20 Othello Zone (61)2015-11-20 Othello Zone (45)

Elder Turley:  “Watching people change is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.  God is infinitely patient.”   “If I am willing to wear this missionary badge, I have to be willing to have my heart break.”   “My dad taught me to make every practice count when I was a swimmer.  I try to do my very best every single day.”

Elder Tanner:  “It’s a blessing to be able to go on a mission.  Missionary life is real life.  I want to get back to this [after I go home].”

Elder Gaburel:  “My mom taught me to see the good in everything.  She is always happy and cheerful and loving.”  “I have come to love studying.  It’s a time to feed myself from the Spirit.  I am really growing, learning to be more in tune, better through Jesus Christ.”

Elder Pullman:  “I am learning how to use the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  The Spirit is a gift–the Comforter–give to us by Jesus.  We have to accept it, unwrap it and use it.”2015-11-20 Othello Zone (39)

Elder Etter:  “Light has to be produced and worked for.  If there is a void, it will be filled with darkness.”   “There will always be a choice.”

Elder Call:  “I really love when you have a really good lesson with someone.  I love learning from my companions.”2015-11-20 Othello Zone (41)

Sister Fabiano:  “I can feel we are making a difference–it’s great!  I’ve loved it so far.  Time is flying.”   “I love being able to see God is here and He knows every single one of us.  Incredible!  He’s aware of the really big things and the really small things.”

Sister Hirsche:  “I find it really easy to love people here.  I’m grateful.  It’s helps me to connect.  The Spirit has never been stronger in my life.”    “You never know who’s watching you.  You never know how much of an example you’re being.”2015-11-20 Othello Zone (42)

Elder Boren:  “We get to meet all these different kinds of people and see them progress.  We actually see changes, one person to another.”

Elder Mercado:  “In my mission I’ve felt my love of the Savior and my love for others increase.”   “Power comes from understanding the Plan of Salvation.”2015-11-20 Othello Zone (48)

Sister Luevano:  “I realize little blessings I didn’t notice before.  Recording things in my journal is really important to see the blessings–especially in the hard times.  When you look back, you see His hand in every detail.”

Sister Dee:  “I’ve heard so many tell me they would never be baptized.  Then they pray.  Then they know!”  Every day hard things can either build you up and make you strong or tear you down.”2015-11-20 Othello Zone (51)

Sister Cannon:  “Being on a mission has helped me have a better vision.  I am able to see with more spiritual eyes.”

Sister Hall:  “The Gospel changes people.  I’ve felt and seen more progression in my mission than in my whole life.  Things all fit together into one whole.”2015-11-20 Othello Zone (53)These Sisters from Royal brought us some fresh pressed apple juice!  YUM.2015-11-20 Othello Zone (58)2015-11-20 Othello Zone (16)   2015-11-20 Othello Zone (13)2015-11-20 Othello Zone (63)2015-11-20 Othello Zone (52)  2015-11-20 Othello Zone (55)Elder Boren’s new coat arrived from home, delivered today.  He is so happy because it is SO cold out there!2015-11-20 Othello Zone (50)ZLs working hard on their weekly plans while they wait:2015-11-20 Othello Zone (54)2015-11-20 Othello Zone (59)Sister Call is delivering Days for Girls kits from Yakima to Royal.  These kits and many more are on their way to Haiti.2015-11-20 Othello Zone (56)This was our last day of interviews this year.  We’ll do this quarterly.  We have 158 missionaries right now.  It feels good to know them and love them even more than we did a few weeks ago.  It only gets better and better here.

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