Monday Morning Transfer Meeting and Missionaries

2015-11-30 Office (34).JPGIt’s hard to believe it’s been 6 weeks and it’s time for another transfer! We met this morning at the Mission Office for our “Transfer Planning Meeting,” organized by our Assistants.  Elder Archibald will be going home mid-transfer (Dec. 18th) and we have called a new Assistant to take his place.  Elder Krogue from Springville, Utah has joined the fun.  We are grateful to have him here, helping.  he is faithful and true and we love how well prepared he is to step in and help us move the work forward here in the Yakima Mission.2015-11-30 Office (1)2015-11-30 Office (8).JPG2015-11-30 Office (7)2015-11-30 Office (3)2015-11-30 Office (38)Here is what this crazy busy week will look like:  2015-11-30 Office (37)

Lots of missionaries dropped by the office today.  The Selah Stake Center has lock and key issues so the Family History Center computers are not available for missionaries wanting to write home.  I don’t mind that one bit because we get to see more of them here.  2015-11-30 Office (9)Most missionaries will be moving to new areas or getting a new companion this week.  Sister Van Orden has her Transfer Journal, where companions and mission friends from each area sign in with a few kind words.2015-11-30 Office (12)2015-11-30 Office (15)2015-11-30 Office (32)2015-11-30 Office (33)2015-11-30 Office (28)2015-11-30 Office (43)2015-11-30 Office (5)2015-11-30 Office (22)2015-11-30 Office (39)2015-11-30 Office (27)2015-11-30 Office (23)Elder Krogue greets mission friends:2015-11-30 Office (25)2015-11-30 Office (13)Elder Thompson and Brother Van de Venter, our car experts:2015-11-30 Office (42)2015-11-30 Office (19)2015-11-30 Office (6)Departing missionaries will start arriving at the mission home at 4:00 this afternoon.  I wish there were some way to detain them for a few more months.  We have 9 departing tomorrow, after long and faithful service here.  I feel sad they are leaving.

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