Transfer Day in Yakima!

2015-12-2  (15)We woke up to more snow!  The locals are thrilled, and so are some of our missionaries who have come from warmer climes.2015-12-2  (16)A nice hot breakfast at 8:00 was just the ticket!  Waffles, fruit, egg casserole, bacon, OJ, milk and apple juice (because we live in apple country!).  Everyone is getting excited for this transfer day!2015-12-2  (1.1).JPG2015-12-2  (1).JPG2015-12-2  (2).JPG2015-12-2  (3).JPG2015-12-2  (4).JPG2015-12-2  (6).JPG2015-12-2  (8).JPG 2015-12-2  (10).JPG  2015-12-2  (9)2015-12-2  (13)2015-12-2  (5)2015-12-2  (12)2015-12-2  (8)After breakfast, everyone stripped their beds and we organized their things so we’d be ready to go after the orientation meeting.2015-12-2  (29)2015-12-2  (30)2015-12-2  (20)2015-12-2  (24)2015-12-2  (23)2015-12-2  (25)2015-12-2  (31)President Lewis met with everyone for about 1.5 hours, going over important information about the mission and mission policies.2015-12-2  (26)2015-12-2  (27)2015-12-2  (28)2015-12-2  (19)2015-12-2  (22)Guess what?  Time for more food!  Lunch:  Tacos!2015-12-2  (32).JPG2015-12-2  (37)2015-12-2  (38)2015-12-2  (35)2015-12-2  (39)2015-12-2  (33)2015-12-2  (34)2015-12-2  (40)2015-12-2  (36)2015-12-2  (41)2015-12-2  (42)Then it was time to head to the Yakima Stake Center for the Transfer Meeting!

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