Monday at the Office

2015-12-7 Office (9)Elder Call forwarded 112 pieces of mail today!  The mailman brought the packages into the office in that orange sled.  It’s feeling like Christmas is coming!  Thanks to all who are sending packages to missionaries!2015-12-7 Office (10)2015-12-7 Office (4)Here are a few of the missionaries who dropped by today:2015-12-7 Office (3)2015-12-7 Office (2)2015-12-7 Office (17)2015-12-7 Office (18)2015-12-7 Office (8)2015-12-7 Office (1)

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1 Response to Monday at the Office

  1. Laura says:

    Yea! Elder Call has his hand on Sister Fabiano’s Christmas box! So nice to know it’s there. 🙂


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