Missionary Christmas Mail!

2015-12-14 Office CMS (2)It took a truck today to deliver all the packages that came to the Mission Office.  Honestly.  Everything in the truck was for missionaries!  Here’s how the office looked once they got all the packages unloaded:2015-12-14 Office CMS (9)2015-12-14 Office CMS (10)Elder Call checks every single package and letter, making sure no missionary is left out.  All of these packages will be delivered to the  missionaries tomorrow (Tuesday) to the northern half of the mission and Wednesday to the southern half of the mission at our Christmas Gatherings.  This is going to be fun!

If your missionary mail hasn’t yet arrived, we’ll be holding a mission-wide leadership counsel next Tuesday, 22 Dec for all ZLs, STLs and DLs.  We’ll deliver any mail that comes in after our parties this week to these leaders and they can deliver things.2015-12-14 Office CMS (21)2015-12-14 Office CMS (11)Here are our faithful and good office couples, the Thompsons and the Calls.  They work long hard hours taking care of our missionaries.  I mean really long hours.  And they love our missionaries.  And we love them.2015-12-14 Office CMS (13)He’s making a list and checkin’ it twice!2015-12-14 Office CMS (17)

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2 Responses to Missionary Christmas Mail!

  1. Valerie Michalek says:

    I sent my daughter’s package directly to her address. I hope that is okay?


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