Our Greatest Gifts!

2015-12-14 Office CMS (8).JPGSister Call and Sister Thompson have been busy like elves.  We came to the office this morning and found this fabulous Christmas tree!  WOW!  Fabulous!  Every missionary is represented there.  We love these Elders and Sisters like crazy.2015-12-14 Office CMS (4)Maybe you can find the name of your missionary!2015-12-14 Office CMS (7)2015-12-14 Office CMS (6)These beautiful Sisters dropped by today to email their families.2015-12-14 Office CMS (18)We have a few changes happening this week.  These two are sad to be separating.  Some bonds formed here are as strong as blood sisters.2015-12-14 Office CMS (14)A quick break with Elder Thompson.  He LOVES the fish tacos at Taco Time, just down the street!2015-12-14 Office CMS (20)

Shhhh.  Don’t tell.  We’ve been working hard on Christmas gifts for the missionaries.  We spent 4 hours Saturday morning packing gifts for each.  All of my photos from that party disappeared from my computer, so you can only imagine the fun.  Tonight we put the final freshly-made treats in the bags and loaded the cars.  So many wonderful members have been helping prepare goodies for weeks.  We are grateful.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you what’s in the bags!  We’re really excited!2015-12-14 CMS prep (10)2015-12-14 CMS prep (5)2015-12-14 CMS prep (3)2015-12-14 CMS prep (6)2015-12-14 CMS prep (7)Elder and Sister Smith and their family have been so kind and generous.2015-12-14 CMS prep (2)Santa’s elves get no rest during the holidays!  Thanks to all these wonderful friends who only want to make missionaries happy.  We can hardly wait for the gatherings tomorrow and the next day!2015-12-14 CMS prep (9)

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2 Responses to Our Greatest Gifts!

  1. Valerie Michalek says:

    Oh….you are all incredible!!! I am touched by all the effort put into Christmas gifts, the missionary tree and delivering all of the packages. This is the best mission!!

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  2. JEN HOLDEN says:

    What immense love and service is going on in that mission. Thank you all so much from this grateful momma.


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