Christmas Morning Breakfast Gatherings!

IMG_1990We decided it would be fun to have each zone get together for a big yummy breakfast Christmas morning while the rest of the world has their family time.  We are family too, so we are going to send out the makings for a great pancake, bacon and eggs feast.  At 10:00 Christmas morning, the missionaries will gather in their areas to have breakfast together, then watch a movie (The Best Two Years).  After that they can go out visiting and doing service at care centers and old folks’ homes and for investigators and members.IMG_1989Today we filled a couple of shopping carts with food at Costco.  We have 90 lbs. of pancake mix, 35 dozen eggs, 45 lbs of tangerines, 360 hot cocoa mix packets, 600 slices of bacon, orange juice, syrup, butter, and paper goods ready to parcel out!  This is going to be fun.  We also have popcorn to go with the movie.  It’s going to be a very merry Christmas here in the Yakima Mission!  Oh, we love our missionaries.IMG_2032IMG_2033.JPGIn case you are wondering, because missionaries are not allowed to go online (except to approved church websites like or, they are not allowed to look at this blog or at our Facebook pages until after they go home.  So this may be a surprise to some of them.  The Zone Leaders in each area are organizing the breakfast and all the details.  We hope they enjoy it and enjoy the camaraderie with their fellow missionaries.

Missionaries, as you know, are also allowed 2 phone calls a year home to their families.  One is on Christmas, and the other is on Mother’s Day.  We hope all of you parents are communicating with your missionary about when they might do that.  We know they are excited to talk with you soon!

We hope each of you has a wonderful Christmas Week as you prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  There is so much love in the air here.  Miracles are happening all around us.  We hope the same is true for each of you, wherever you are! IMG_2034.JPG

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3 Responses to Christmas Morning Breakfast Gatherings!

  1. Valerie Michalek says:

    You are always so generous and kind to the missionaries. Thank you so much for always magnifying your calling to the fullest. We feel spoiled as missionary parents! This is truly the best mission!!

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  2. katie says:

    Thank you so much for feeding these wonderful missionaries. They are lucky to have the Lovely and Loveable Lewis’s watching over them.


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