Monday at the office with Anson Call b. 1810

This morning in our staff meeting Elder Call shared the excerpt below from his 3rd Great-Grandpa’s autobiography.  I love early Church history and learning about those who came before, paving the way for us.  We love working with Elder and Sister Call.  Today was Sister Call’s birthday.  We are here are today because of faithful and true saints like this:

The Autobiography of Anson Call


(Selections from his journal up to 1839)

My father joined the Church of Latter-day Saints in 1831. My father and family belonged to the Methodist Church. He was baptized by John Murdock. Elders frequently preached in our town, Brigham Young, John P. Greene, Almon W. Babbitt and others.

Their preaching created much excitement in our town but had little effect for nearly three years. It was a constant annoyance to my feelings. I became dissatisfied with all denominations and myself. In the elders’ passing through our country, they frequently stopped at my house, and in discussing with them the principles of the gospel, they would cuff me about like an old pair of boots. I came to the conclusion that the reason for my being handled so easily was because I did not understand the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

I resolved to prepare myself for the conflict by investigating the two books. I accordingly furnished myself with the Book of Mormon. I then commenced the Book of Mormon and the Bible, compared the two and read my Bible from Genesis right through, praying and searching diligently for six months. When I finished the two books I became a firm believer in the Book of Mormon. I was then taught by the spirit to obey the principles of the gospel. My feelings were not known by any but my wife. I was proud and haughty and to obey the gospel was worse than death. I labored under those feelings for three months, becoming at times almost insane.

To be called a Mormon, I thought, was more than I could endure. I lamented that my lot was cast in this dispensation. My dreams and my meditations made me miserable. I at last covenanted before the Lord that if he would give me confidence to face the world in Mormonism, I would be baptized for the remission of my sins; before I arose from my knees the horrors of my mind were cleared; I feared no man, no set of men.

The next day I went to the Methodist meeting and declared unto them the truth of Mormonism. I told them I should obey it as soon as I could get to Kirtland. I accordingly went immediately there and was baptized by William Smith, Joseph’s brother. My wife accompanied me. I was confirmed in the Kirtland Temple by David Whitmer. I immediately returned to Madison and was then prepared to tell my Methodist brethren many things they were strangers to. I improved every opportunity in their meetings, class meetings not excepted. There were my brothers, my mother and my schoolmates. I was much desirous that they should obey the gospel with me.

Anson Call lived a long and fruitful life, faithful until the end.  You can read more about him here if you like:

Here are a few photos from the office today, celebrating Sister Call’s birthday:2016-2-1 Office (1)Happy Birthday, Sister Call!2016-2-1 Office (4)2016-2-1 Office (11)2016-2-1 Office (9)2016-2-1 Office (8)2016-2-1 Office (6)2016-2-1 Office (5)2016-2-1 Office (2)2016-2-1 Office (13)2016-2-1 Office (10)2016-2-1 Office (12)2016-2-1 Office (7)2016-2-1 Office (14)

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