Interviews with Yakima Valley Spanish Zone

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (2)It’s been another excellent day.  Today we interviews the missionaries in the Yakima Valley Zone (Spanish-speaking).  We went from 9:00 until 6:30 straight.  So fun.  Such amazing missionaries.  (I know I say that all the time, but it’s true.)  First we met with Elder Budica and Elder Johnson, the Zone Leaders.  Then, one by one. we each met with each zone member.  I love these missionaries and love visiting one-on-one with each while their companions meet with Pres. Lewis.  What a perfect way to spend the day.  We’ll be doing interviews for the next 3 weeks, traveling throughout the mission.2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (7)Elder Johnson:  I’m a good teacher, athletic, good at remembering names and faces and I have faith.

Elder Budica:  I like talking to people one on one.  I like change and I think I’m a pretty genuine person.2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (26)Elder Nelson:  I’m good at learning and retaining information.  I put effort into being patient and diligent.

Elder Cataldo:  I love sports (especially basketball), I’m super persistent, I can learn things easily, and I like talking to people.

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (23)Sister Taua:  I love music and how music brings the Spirit.  I like singing at people’s doorsteps.  I also love volleyball, serving others (without being told) and I’m good at listening and interacting with elderly people.

Sister Clark:  I’m good at listening, I love people, I love being around little kids and I enjoy music and singing.

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (8)Elder Aguirre:  I like to draw.  I’m patient.  I love people and love to make them happy.  I also enjoy giving advice to others.

Elder Cannon:  I’m really good at wakeboarding.  I love sports (track) and I like to fix cars and work on engines.  I have strong faith and confidence in what I know.

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (36)Elder Jimenez:  I love making people smile.  I can play the piano.  I like talking and talking loud.  I’m good at rock climbing and sleeping.

Elder Aguilar:  I love working with heavy machinery–please may I have a chain saw?.

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (21)Elder Christensen:  I’m good at the piano and math.  I like thinking things through and I love studying the scriptures.  I can discern things and love to pray.

Elder Walimaa:  I’m good at walking.  I love learning to recognize revelation, and I’m good at seeing what I can do better.  I can discern things.

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (15)2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (28)Sister Aldrich:  I am really good at directions (my mind is like a GPS).  I love talking to people and I will do what ever it takes to get something done.  I’m a good listener and hard worker.

Sister Marble:  I love people, music, singing and I like being charitable.  I can discern things and am aware of the future.

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (17)Sister Parry:  I love piano and music.  I am aware of others and notice people feeling left out.

Sister Pons:  I’m good at playing the flute, scrapbooking, and doodling.  I can also knit hats.  I have the gift of tongues and am able to make short strong statements.  I am able to connect with people.

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (30)Sister Brighton:  I like to sing and cook and play catch.  I’m compassionate and see things accurately.  When I see needs, I want to help.

Sister Dee:  I’m good at listening.  I’m my own self–I don’t try to be someone else.  I’m always smiling.

2016-2-3 Yakima Valley SP Interviews (10)Elder Haws: I’m good at leading and leadership.  I’m an OK teacher, especially with the youth.  I like sports too.

Elder Buenostro:  I like piano, cooking and singing.  I love people.  I want to be kind.  I like music.  I like being weird and I am direct and real.


After meeting with these missionaries, we went out tonight with 2 different sets of Elders to help teach some lessons, one in Tieton and one in Yakima.  Oh, my, that was fun.  I wish we had time to do that every single night.

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