Interviews in Moses Lake

2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (6)Today we drove 2 hours north to do interviews in Moses Lake.  Here is a look at these wonderful missionaries.  They were also gathering for their District Meeting.  Elder Jensen and Elder Wilkey are our Zone Leaders in this Wenatchee Zone.  Elder Hansen is serving with them in a tri-pan.  If you have not yet read the post about interviews from Feb 5th, please go take a look to see how this works and why I’m including some words from each about their strengths and gifts and talents. 2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (5)Elder Jensen:  I never worry about what people think–I’m pretty stable about who I am (I don’t give in to peer pressure).  I can usually understand what people are thinking.  I like training and assessing situations in constructive ways.

Elder Wilkey:  The best gift from God I have is being able to work hard (it makes up for my other shortcomings!).  I have a clear mind and a good understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Hansen:  (I don’t like to talk about myself.)  I love making people smile.  I’m good at hurting myself (shows scratch on his chin).  I like having fun, boogie boarding and mountain biking.  I’m a super fast reader and I can retain what I read.  I’m good at imagining myself as a person or character in a book.

2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (8)Sister Hopkins and Sister Wilson were interviewed Feb 6th.  Also Sister Wilson and Sister Fox.

2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (30)Elder Shupe:  I love listening to people.  I like to be straight up with people–no fluff.  I like playing soccer.  I stick with things I know and enjoy.  I really enjoy cooking.  I’m on a salmon and salad kick right now.

Elder Bawden:  I love talking to people.  I’m good at getting up in the morning (6:30 a.m.).  I have a bad memory.  I’m good at loving other missionaries.  That’s it.

District Council Meeting:2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (14)Elder Shupe is the District Leader here.2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (16)2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (19)Sister Polsson:  Strengths?  I don’t know any of them!  Bad, bad, bad!!!  I’m good at smiling, asking if anyone needs anything, caring for others, being cheerful, and trying to never give up, even when it’s hard.

Sister Tecuatl:  I’m very patient, very respectful, helpful and kind.  That’s pretty much it.2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (21)Elder Myers is quite the scriptorian:2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (24)2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (26)Elder Steadman:  I’m good at math.  I take to Spanish.  I’m good at learning and good at piano and organ.  I like talking to people (not afraid).  I can be persistent–I have high stamina.

Elder Myers:  Spanish is fun for me.  I like Spanish.  I’m a pretty friendly person.  I’m terrible at memorizing scriptures, but good at using them.  I’m a big fan of tracting.  I can’t remember my life before this mission.  I made stencils like for spray painting on surf boards.  I’m good at recognizing people’s needs.

2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (35)Elder Mochizuki:  I’m a good writer and good at English.  I’m told I’m a good listener.  (I’d rather listen than talk.)  I’m very analytical–I like science, especially bio-technology.  I love systems and how things work from the top down.  I love strategy games.

Elder Bonzo:  I love to learn.  I read to acquire knowledge.  I like to school and I like to study.  I work hard at it, but I love to learn and understand things.  I love books and learning from the scriptures.  I can apologize.

2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (17)Elder Fullmer:  I’m good at working hard.  I love learning about the scriptures and researching to find out stuff.

Elder Favila:  Heavenly Father blessed me to be free with people–to be able to talk to them.  I’m not as nervous as I used to be.  I can feel comfort and peace.  I have a desire to search the scriptures and draw on what the prophets of old said to enhance my life today.  I want to keep learning.

Elder Brinkerhoff:  I’m a good listener.  I can discern what people are thinking and feeling.  I love doodling and sketching.  I like cartoony things and drawing.  I love the people and have a lot of patience.  I love even difficult people.  I feel like my mission has heightened my spiritual gifts.

Elder Poloncic:  I get along with people pretty well.  I like to listen.  I’m athletic and I like to work with my hands.  I like woodworking, robotics and making model airplanes.

2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (36)2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (37)2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (38)2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (10)2016-2-9 Moses Lake Interviews (40)

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