Interviews in Othello

2016-2-10 Othello Interviews (4)Today we were in Othello, visiting with these fabulous missionaries.  What a happy group!  Elder Shugart and Elder Spackman are our fearless Zone Leaders here.  Here are a few of the things these missionaries are good at:

Elder Shugart:  I love people A LOT.  I think they’re super funny.  I love to laugh.  I am a fast learner.

Elder Spackman:  I am dedicated to getting things done.  I can focus on one thing, getting the task done before moving on.  I am trying to develop my ability to love people, missionaries and investigators more.2016-2-10 Othello Interviews (7)Sister Luevano:  I love doing hair and reaching out towards others.  I’m a social butterfly.  I try to be around others and include others.  I’m working hard to be a good teacher.

Sister Knight:  I’m good at being a leader and showing people by example.  I have lots of musical talents.  I’m good at seeing the bright side of things and good at showing people what I’m excited about.  I’m really good at teaching little kids.

2016-2-10 Othello Interviews (9)Sister Hirsche:  I’m happy most of the time.  I love sports (volleyball, basketball and softball).  I’m kind, patient and have an open heart.

Sister Hall:  I always want to help others.  I can learn from other people’s mistakes.  I look ahead.  I like to know the end from the beginning (I read the end of a book first).

2016-2-10 Othello Interviews (15)2016-2-10 Othello Interviews (25)Elder Call:  The Lord has blessed me with charity.  I’ve never foun dit difficult to love our investigators.  It’s just there.  I feel humble and desire to serve the Lord and do my best.  I fear to sin and love the Spirit.

Elder Buchanan:  Mom says I’m very humble.  I do have a lot of faith.  I do have a lot of charity towards the people.  I’m a very hard worker–I don’t give up easily.  This is hard.

2016-2-10 Othello Interviews (26)Elder Cordon:  My strengths are different than they were 2 months ago.  I’m always striving to be better (I’m not content).  I love being able to help others.  I love loving other people and am good at working hard.

Elder Mercado:  I’m good at talking with people and understanding their problems.  I have the gift of understanding the way people are (why they feel what they feel).  I like laughing and joking.

Sister Fabiano:  I love music (piano and singing).  I love being able to listen (not as good at talking).  I can discern things and understand and see needs.  I try to listen to the Spirit.

Sister Rasmussen:  I can play the violin and piano.  I’m comfortable talking on the phone.  I can bark like a dog and meow like a cat.  I’m good at teaching my companion how to drive in the snow.  When I study and prepare, I’m good at teaching.

Elder Gaburel:  I like to sing.  I’m musical.  I’m a pretty friendly person, happy and bright.  I’m a good listener–I like to learn about what others think and get their input.  I get along well with people.

Elder Najarian:  I play 7 instruments and compose film scores.  I’m not good at biking or sports.  I like public speaking and talking to people.  I like to help sad people feel better.  I love people and like getting to know people.2016-2-10 Othello Interviews (13)Othello Stake Center:2016-2-10 Othello Church (2).JPG

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