Daily Bread and Mercantile in Ellensburg

2016-2-12 Daily Bread Mercantile. 1We stopped for lunch/dinner this afternoon at the most delightful place in Ellensburg called Daily Bread & Mercantile.  It reminded me of my Mennonite roots and family and made me happy.  The family serving us was kind and I loved the way the husband recommended his wife’s good cooking.  The food was excellent.  Come take a look.  You’ll want to visit here when you’re in town.

2016-2-12 Daily Bread Mercantile. 2  2016-2-12 Daily Bread Mercantile. 32016-2-12 Daily Bread MercantileIt looks like menus are posted here on their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/DailyBreadMercantile/

2016-2-12 Daily Bread Restaurant (1)2016-2-12 Daily Bread Restaurant (2)2016-2-12 Daily Bread Restaurant (3)2016-2-12 Daily Bread Restaurant (4)2016-2-12 Daily Bread Restaurant (5)This is some fine home cooking.  Wow, it was delicious!2016-2-12 Daily Bread Restaurant (6)I also picked up some red and white wheat and a few other items I’ve been searching for.  2016-2-12 Daily Bread Restaurant (7)We will be back, whenever we are in Ellensburg again.  You’ll want to visit too!

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