False Prophecies!

2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (36)OK, this is pretty funny.  I learn something new every transfer!  Apparently every district has a meeting called a District Training Meeting.  Today I learned that one of the crazy things missionaries do after those meetings, and before transfers, is predict who’s going where.  They all do it, and they call it “False Prophecies.”   Today the missionaries waiting for their interviews also made a chart.  Here’s what theirs looked like.  We laughed when we saw it at the end of the day!

Everyone predicts where everyone in that district might go.  Fun speculation!2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (35)So you read the board like this:  at the top of the chart is each missionary.  In the column under their name are there predictions for each missionary named along the left side.  If the missionary is going home that transfer, they predict how long it will be before they get married.  Pretty fun and pretty crazy stuff.  Missionaries have so much fun.  2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (39)2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (38)

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