Interviews in Yakima

2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (1)Today we finished up the interviews in Yakima.  Elders Rosenkrantz and Barbour are the Zone Leaders here.  They are personable and fun and loved by everyone.2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (3)Elder Rosenkrantz:  I have a pretty good gift–I don’t like to make others feel bad about themselves, or hurt others.  I can recognize when the Spirit is present or not, I’m pretty patient and I’m forgiving.  That (talking about this) was awful.

Elder Barbour:  I feel like I can love people.  When I set my mind to something, I do it. (except exercising).  I love basketball and golfing.  I like to know how to do a lot of different things.  I like to learn and want to be a man of all trades.  I like making things with my hands.  I’m loyal to family, friends, and my purpose.

2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (8)Elder Camit:  I have patience.  I like to relax and soak in the sun.  I like writing, playing the harmonica, improvising, whatever floats my fancy.  People say I’m a decently humble guy.  I like organizing things and developing things.  I keep smiling.

Elder Vejnar:  I’m pretty easy to get along with (I hope!).  I enjoy making people laugh.  I feel like I’m decent at talking to people.  I can play the drums and used to play the piano.  (I want to start again–I regret quitting.)  That’s it so far.

2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (9)Elder Bird:  I like to play music (clarinet, sax).  I like art–I like to draw.  I like making friends.  I like to read and write.  I’m optimistic.

Elder Dalton:  I am stubborn.  I’ve very head-strong and like to get it done and do it right.  I like to have fun.  I like to make people laugh.  I love everyone a lot, I care about others.  I can be outgoing.  I’m definitely a leader and I can take control and direct others what to do.  I’m athletic.  I like to build and weld and put things together.

2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (20)Elder Christensen:  God has blessed me with diligence and a drive to work hard and push myself.  I learn to love people fairly quickly.  I’m pretty good at noticing my weaknesses.  I’m resilient and positive.

Elder Harris:  I’m easy going.  I don’t have trouble talking to people.  I like computers, math and nerdy stuff like science.  Some people think I’m funny.  I’m friendly.

2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (13)Elder Oliverson:  I’m positive and look on the bright side.  Patience is big for me.  I’m good at listening and being kind and respectful.  I’m funny and a fast learner.

Elder Johnson:  I like learning, I’m a very fast reader.  I have a good memory for broad topics (not specific details).  I can type fast.  I have good retention.  I love math and working with computers.  I’m good at visualizing things.

2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (17)Elder Peterson:  I love working with the YSA and finding common ground with people we find and teach.  I like getting to know people.  I think through situations to find solutions.  I’m able to figure out how to help others, and am good at matching needs and resources.

Elder Broadbent:  I get along with just about everyone.  That’s a huge gift.  I adapt to situations around me in a positive way.  I don’t cry.  I have the gift of laughter.  Talents?  No idea!  I’m a hard worker.  I like to cook and grill food.

2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (22)Elder Holden:  I have great faith, and have always believed and known.  I like to think I’m charitable and friendly.  I was known as being “so nice” in high school.  I’m good at getting along with anyone.

Elder Bee:  I’m good at taking naps.  I’m good at persuading people.  I’m good at eating–I can eat a lot.  I’m a pretty plain person!

2016-2-18 Interviews Yakima (27)

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