Dinner with Beautiful Sisters!

IMG_3617Sister Taua and Sister Karony had their exit interviews this evening.  They came with their companions for dinner and we had a delightful time together, visiting and enjoying fun conversation.  IMG_3619IMG_3623IMG_3622IMG_3621Sisters Atkinson and Heffernan came to pick them up and they joined us for dessert.  It was a perfect way to top off the dinner hour before we joined the APs to work on TRANSFERS.  The leadership calls will be made in the morning and that starts the excitement ball rolling!IMG_3620IMG_3627

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1 Response to Dinner with Beautiful Sisters!

  1. Camilla Moetala says:

    Omg !! Another transfer is closing ☺ Love the pictures.. please send my love to the sisters and my baby Sister Smith ♡♡ she looks gorgeous ♡♡ as well as the rest of the sisters. Miss you all ♡


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