Monday Transfer Meeting, Office Fun

Today was wild and crazy at the office.  This is our transfer week and we have a million things going on.  Here’s what it looked like this morning when we got to the office:2016-2-22 Office (1)Elder Barbour and Elder Rosenkrantz looking for mail and not finding any for them. . . .2016-2-22 Office (2)Elder Oliverson was one of the lucky ones!2016-2-22 Office (7)

Our Office Meeting began at 10:00 and we went through all the logistics of the next 3 days, with departing and arriving missionaries.  Out of our 186 missionaries, 106 of them will be transferred somewhere new this week!  We are also opening about 8 new areas and we have 22 areas where both companions being transferred in will be new to the area.

We talked about housing for each, cars, phones, and of course how to get everyone to their areas in the most efficient way on Wednesday.  2016-2-22 Office (14)For those of you who haven’t seen what our schedule looks like for the next 3 days, here’s a glance at the outline:2016-2-22 Office (16)Reviewing new areas:2016-2-22 Office (4)2016-2-22 Office (5)2016-2-22 Office (6)Our faithful Assistants, Elders Carter and Krogue.2016-2-22 Office (8)2016-2-22 Office (20)Several other missionaries drop by the office every P-Day to pick up mail, to use the computers and to say hello.2016-2-22 Office (24)Missionaries emailing family and friends:2016-2-22 Office (3)2016-2-22 Office (23)2016-2-22 Office (27)2016-2-22 Office (22)Here’s how the transfer board looks now.  The photos that are tilted are new in that area.  The blue cards are for new arriving Elders.  The pink are for Sisters.  They are marked with Spanish or English on each card.  On the table are all the car papers and gas cards for each.2016-2-22 Office (28)Sister Taua is heading home this week.  She and 6 others will come to the Mission Home this afternoon where we will all be sad together.2016-2-22 Office (25)

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