Monday at the Office

2016-3-28 Monday Office (1)Here are our office visitors today, beginning with Elder Goodwin, who is celebrating his birthday with all of us!2016-3-28 Monday Office (2)We have a few changes happening today.  This Rosenkrantz-Barbour Dream Team is dividing, to conquer.  Elder Rosenkrantz is going to Ellensburg with Elder Udy, who is coming from Stephenson.  Elder Barbour will receive Elder Jarvis from Ellensburg.2016-3-28 Monday Office (3)2016-3-28 Monday Office (4)2016-3-28 Monday Office (8)Elder Chandler brought wunderbare Elder Wunderlich from Brewster, and he headed down to Stephenson, spending about 8 hours on the road today.2016-3-28 Monday Office (9)He got to see old friends from the MTC:2016-3-28 Monday Office (10)2016-3-28 Monday Office (11)Other ZLs dropped by–Elders Johnson and Oliver:2016-3-28 Monday Office (12)2016-3-28 Monday Office (13)And our beloved Hermanas:2016-3-28 Monday Office (14)2016-3-28 Monday Office (15)2016-3-28 Monday Office (16)2016-3-28 Monday Office (18)It was another great day full of excellent missionaries doing good things.  We are grateful for each, and for all those we don’t get to see so often.

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