Feeding Hungry Elders and a Bit of Flannel

2016-3-30 (3)Sometimes I tell the missionaries if they don’t have a dinner appointment to let me know and I’ll happily take a turn to feed them at the Mission Home.  This evening 4 hungry Elders came to dinner.  These are Spanish-speaking Elders who are lucky enough to be fed each evening by our Spanish members who make the best food EVER.  This is the kind of thing we talk about:


Tonight I asked them if they were missing anything American and they all 4 requested chicken fettuccine Alfredo.  Oh my, I cooked a huge pot of fresh pasta and about 8 lbs of chicken!  Guess what?  They ate it all!  They also requested asparagus with brownies and ice cream for dessert, which we topped with fresh raspberries.  It is so fun to cook for boys who eat (like my sons!).  We had a great time together, talking about things we do to prepare for General Conference, and tips for raising good kids.  I can’t decide if these Elders are more like vacuums or sponges, both good!2016-3-30 (6)

After dinner, I walked away from all the dishes to go to a couple appointments with the Hermanas.   We had a really fun evening, which started by teaching some stellar youth.  This amazing young man offered his first ever prayer this evening.  Loved being with him.2016-3-30 (9)Then I topped off the evening (when my car pulled into the JoAnn Fabrics parking lot at 8:50) by discovering I was in the last 10 minutes of a killer good flannel sale.  A very kind sales person stayed after hours to help me clean out the bolts of stain-hiding colors for our Days for Girls work.  The sale prices and coupons saved me over $600.  Feeling Happy!  Great Day today.IMG_4974[1]

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