Baptisms in Omak!

Today was a beautiful day in Omak!  Here’s the report from Elder and Sister Chandler, who have been teaching this beautiful family:

Dear Sister Lewis,

Here are the photos for the baptism of Leighton (12), Faith (10) and Bryar (8) by their grandfather, Tim Jensen on April 9, 2016 in the Omak Ward.

The baptisms and program were an amazing spiritual experience for everyone in attendance.  The room was overflowing and the support of the ward was overwhelming.  Everyone is catching the spirit of missionary work.

It has been a few years since the Omak ward has had a convert baptism but 2 weeks ago Miriam Rodriquez was baptized  and then the 3 Jensen children 2 weeks later.  More will be coming in April and May.  Our Omak Zone is on fire.  It is so exiting!

The confirmations and blessings pronounced in Fast meeting the following day,  by their grandfather,  were beautiful.  There was an outpouring of the spirit during these sacred ordinances and during the testimonies that followed. 2016-4-16 Baptisms Omak (1)2016-4-16 Baptisms Omak (2)2016-4-16 Baptisms Omak (3)2016-4-16 Baptisms Omak (4)2016-4-16 Baptisms Omak (5)

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