Dinner and Orientation Meetings

2016-4-12 Arriving Group (126)They say it’s better than MTC food.  I’d probably agree!2016-4-12 Arriving Group (127)2016-4-12 Arriving Group (128)After dinner we met with Sister Van De Venter, our Mission Nurse, and the office couples, Elder and Sister Call and Elder and Sister Thompson.  Sister Call takes the calls, handles mission supplies, phones, and everything that keeps things running smoothly.  Elder Call is our mission recorder.  He also handles all the mail (forwarding dozens of pieces daily), and he takes care of all the referrals that come in.  Sister Thompson takes care of finances and housing and Elder Thompson is our car guy.  He helps keep the missionaries safe.2016-4-12 Arriving Group (129)

I took a little time to introduce our family to everyone, and the APs showed the big mission map and talked about the different areas and zones.  President Lewis finished the interviews and joined us for a testimony meeting and then we put everyone to bed by 10:30.  They were Exhausted.2016-4-12 Arriving Group (130)We spent the next hour or more in front of the transfer board, figuring out which missionary would go to which trainer in which area.  Lots of prayer goes into this process. We absolutely feel the Spirit directing this work and these missionaries.

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