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2016-6-8 (4)An hour before Elder and Sister Johnson’s flight arrived was not a good time to be hit with a kidney stone.  We prayed the pain would go away as we headed to the ER.  It did, so we went to the office instead, where the APs and Elders Thompson and Call gave President Lewis a Priesthood blessing.  Then we headed to the airport.2016-6-8 (6)These Elders were at the office.  Elder Johnson was working on his MY PLAN, which is a special program for missionaries returning home next transfer.  It helps them prepare to return to the rest of the world, with goals and plans in place before leaving here.  They work on this for one hour a week for their last 6 weeks here.

Elder Tietjen and Barbour were working on a huge service project our Yakima Zones help with every year:  painting the fire hydrants in Yakima.  They are marked on the maps below:2016-6-8 (16)At the airport, we found the Ibarra family from Toppenish there waiting to welcome home their daughter who has been serving in North Carolina.2016-6-8 (7)2016-6-8 (9)2016-6-8 (11)2016-6-8 (13)Elder and Sister Johnson also welcomed her home.  Happy tears!2016-6-8 (14)Then on to the Mission home where we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner with the office couples and Elder and Sister Johnson.

Today marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our office couples, the Calls and the Thompsons.  We are So Very Grateful for all they do for us and our fabulous missionaries!2016-6-8 Office Couples 1 Year (3)2016-6-8 Office Couples 1 Year (5)

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