Days for Girls Begins in Ellensburg!

2016-6-21 Ellensburg DfG (1)Tonight was the beginning of something big in Ellensburg:  Our First Days for Girls Event!  Many lives will be blessed because of what will come from this pioneering group of women in Ellensburg.  What a thrill it was to be there with them, explaining the project and how desperately it is needed.

If you haven’t seen this explanation, you’ll want to watch:

Days for Girls – Full Story
Days for Girls – Guatemala Story
Days for Girls – Power of Education

2016-6-21 Ellensburg DfG (7)2016-6-21 Ellensburg DfG (8)2016-6-21 Ellensburg DfG (9)Our Hermanas dropped by:2016-6-21 Ellensburg DfG (10)2016-6-21 Ellensburg DfG (11)Thanks to these fine Relief Society leaders who are going to change the world!2016-6-21 Ellensburg DfG (13)

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