Exit Interviews

2016-6-30 Exit interviews (1)Here’s a look at the office at the Mission Home where the interviews happen.  Today 4 of our departing missionaries came for their final interviews:  Hna Dee and Elders Barbour, Wilkey and Johnson.  Each spent about an hour with Pres. Lewis and the rest of us visited and enjoyed some time together.2016-6-30 Exit interviews (2)2016-6-30 Exit interviews (3)Here is a link to MY PLAN, the 6 week program every returning missionary completes before going home:  https://www.lds.org/callings/missionary/my-plan?lang=eng

2016-6-30 Exit interviews (6)2016-6-30 Exit interviews (7)2016-6-30 Exit interviews (8)2016-6-30 Exit interviews (10)2016-6-30 Exit interviews (11)We are always trying to get Elder Johnson to show his beautiful teeth when he smiles!2016-6-30 Exit interviews (12)Still wondering how we will live without these fabulous mission leaders. . . .

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