Interviews in Ephrata

2016-7-13 Ephrata (1)This morning we drove to Ephrata, up north a piece.  It’s about 2 hours from Yakima.  We were greeted by our fearless Zone Leaders there, Elder Krogue and Elder Anderson.  They had their ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) this morning and had just finished and were having lunch.  Sister Holmes made something delicious for everyone.  It had toasted marshmallows on top.2016-7-13 Ephrata (5)2016-7-13 Ephrata (9)2016-7-13 Ephrata (13)They were distributing proselyting and cleaning supplies from MLC last week:2016-7-13 Ephrata (11)2016-7-13 Ephrata (12)I am enjoying my visits with each missionary.  Pres. Lewis and I each take about 30 minutes with each one, visiting about things important to us.  Here’s a thought on Becoming from Pres. Nelson:

President Russell M. Nelson
Prayer is a key. Pray to know what to stop doing and what to start doing. Pray to know what to add to your environment and what to remove so the Spirit can be with you in abundance.

Plead with the Lord for the gift of discernment. Then live and work to be worthy to receive that gift so that when confusing events arise in the world, you will know exactly what is true and what is not.

Serve with love. Loving service to those who have lost their way or who are wounded in spirit opens your heart to personal revelation.
Spend more time—much more time—in places where the Spirit is present. That means more time with friends who are seeking to have the Spirit with them. Spend more time on your knees in prayer, more time in the scriptures, more time in family history work, more time in the temple. I promise you that as you consistently give the Lord a generous portion of your time, He will multiply the remainder.

I will ask each missionary throughout the mission how they are changing and what they are becoming since they arrived here.

Elder Krogue and Elder Anderson2016-7-13 Ephrata (3)Elder Krogue:  I love to help others find the joy of living the Doctrine of Christ.  I have finally started to connect the dots to the Source.  At first it was just fun.  Now I connect everything to the Doctrine of Christ–who Jesus was and what He did for us.  It helps me figure out the cause of every problem and how to help.  It works for everyone, not just me.  The Spirit is at work here.  (23 mos.)

Elder Anderson:  I used to give up easily.  I lived for myself.  It was all ME and MINE.  I looked at things selfishly.  Now I see more.  I see what the gospel can do for others and how it can affect everybody.  (

Elder Woodfield and Elder Aguire:2016-7-13 Ephrata (2)Elder Woodfield:  I came to change myself.  I’ve figured out that’s not why I’m here.  It’s not about me.  I’m more humble, more selfless.  Pres. Hinckley’s dad told him to forget himself and go to work.  I’m trying to do the same.  (2 week)

Elder Aguire:  I rely more on the Lord.  I love to study.  I have more patience.  I know this is definitely True!  There is no doubt.  I’m learning to communicate way more.  (8 mos.)

Hermana Pons and Hermana Juarez2016-7-13 Ephrata (4)Hermana Pons:  I keep the commandments now.  I’ve changed.  I value my eternal family.  I’m better at dealing with my weaknesses.  I pray on my knees.  That was hard for me.  I have a love for the scriptures that I didn’t have before.  I care more about the people around me.  (9 mos.)

Hermana Juarez:  My attitude is different.  Before I was not focused on God.  I would go with the flow, not seek His will.  Now I love to study and I love reading my scriptures.  I love to read to read and to ponder.  I feel love for the Lord and who He is to me.  I have a different attitude towards others.  We are all brothers and sisters on this earth.  I like to see others as Christ sees them–see their troubles.  Before I thought I knew a whole ton, but I just knew the basics.  Now I see a bigger picture. (6 mos.)

Sister Harty and Sister Holmes2016-7-13 Ephrata (6)Sister Harty:  I’m getting better at keeping to a schedule and not procrastinating.  I’m trying to listen to my companion and trying to be more positive.  I’m also trying to be more calm around dogs!  (1 week)

Sister Holmes:  I was always happy, but now I feel more spiritually happy.  I’m content in living the gospel.  I have a testimony now of the Book of Mormon (I thought I did before, but didn’t really know).  I’ve turned more to prayer and the Book of Mormon for help, as I learn how to apply its teachings to me.  I will always take time to read it.  My attitude in life has changed–what I want to become, who I want to be.  I love living the gospel and being a missionary.  I love people and seeing their potential. (8 mos.)

Elder Hanson and Elder Saitman2016-7-13 Ephrata (7)Elder Hanson:  I don’t like wasting time anymore (I used to love to just do nothing).  I am more interested in my family.  I don’t like talking about myself anymore.  It’s not interesting or productive.  My love for the people I meet has increased.  I’m more interested in them and in being their friend.  (8 mos.)

Elder Saitman:  Change is gradual.  I didn’t know how to talk to strangers, invite commitment.  I have learned to be their friend and a representative of Jesus Christ at at the same time.  I can talk on the phone (never did that before!).  I can encourage members.  ( 10 mos.)

Elder Carroll and Elder Painter2016-7-13 Ephrata (8)Elder Carroll:  My spiritual gifts have been magnified.  I recognize them and strive to have them.  I’m developing charity and learning to feel the Spirit.  I’m learning to recognize the way God talks to us.  I’m better at relationships with people and how to talk to them and help them.  (11 mos.)

Elder Painter:  I talk to people now.  Before I was shy and kept to myself.  I was what my mom calls “a tile counter” –I kept my head down and put my ear buds in and never looked up.  I paid no attention to anything around me–I just counted the tiles.  I thought people were mean and scary.  Now I love to tract and meet people.  It’s nice to have conversations.  I hated talking to people before.  (7 mos.)

2016-7-13 Ephrata (23)2016-7-13 Ephrata (26)2016-7-13 Ephrata (34)

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