Interviews in Wenatchee, Day 2

2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (3)Today interviews continued in Wenatchee, the Beautiful City.  We spent last night here with the wonderful Mahuika family–Kyle and Chelsea and their 4.5 ADORABLE children, Michael, Preston, Brooks, Gabby and October baby girl.  Oh my, we had fun.  Legos, fresh picked blueberries, apricots, family scriptures, and sun-kissed little boy bodies that reminded me of our kids at that age.  It was so fun.

This morning we met with Elders Brassanini and Call, our Wenatchee Zone Leaders.  This is a very large zone with both Spanish and English missionaries.  Good things are happening here.

Elder L. Tom Perry
“You are a part of this special generation. It is not by chance that you are here at this important time in the history of the Lord’s work. It is your opportunity to declare this message of the Restoration with greater force and effect than any of the previous generations. You have been preserved and prepared for your time on earth to be a part of this great army, to make this the most exciting period in the history of mankind in declaring the gospel of our Lord and Savior to our Father in Heaven’s children. You are better educated and trained for this responsibility than any of the other generations which have inherited the earth. If your declarations are to have any force and effect, your words must be backed up by your actions. The Lord has established the standards and values you must live by to receive his blessings.”

How have you changed since coming on your mission?

Elder Call and Elder Brassanini2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (1)Elder Call:  I have learned patience with other people I’m around a lot.  I am not worrying so much about the small things.  I have a greater appreciation for the gospel and for repentance.  I repent all the time.  I used to be quiet.  Now I’m talkative and open.  I find joy in small things.  I’ve learned to love the scriptures, the gospel and my Savior.  (20 mos.)

Elder Brassanini:  Before my mission I was very selfish.  I didn’t love my family as much as I should have.  I didn’t prepare well for anything.  I wasn’t in a good place (I knew a mission would save me).  I was always afraid of screwing up, not progressing–I was a lot more fearful.  I had a eat, drink and be merry mentality.  Now I love my family to death.  I’m a better brother, son, grandson.  I care more about what happens to me, to others, to my family.  I care about who my choices affect, and want to be a positive influence.  I know more about Jesus Christ and what He did.  I feel more worthy and I feel He knows me better.  (21 mos.)

Sister Carroll and Sister Don2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (14)Sister Carroll:  I have more of an opinion and am not afraid to share it.  My opinion matters to God.  My testimony has grown.  I’m more faithful and rely on faith more.  I’m a lot more patient with adults and their opinions.  I don’t get as frustrated in the moment.  I don’t get angry like I used to.  I’m more patient with myself.  I don’t need to get angry. (9 mos.)

Sister Don:  I’m closer to the Lord.  I’m more willing to do things that are out of my comfort zone like talking to strangers.  I didn’t realize how shy I was before.  I like people more.  Now I like people a lot more.  Behavior doesn’t bother me anymore.  Their behavior makes perfect sense to them.  I like to love people. (5 mos.)

Sister Boehmer and Sister Hirsche2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (15)Sister Boehmer:  I’ve changed what I’m focusing on.  My lifestyle is completely different. Before I watched movies all day.  I loved to chill, relax, watch movies and think about my boyfriend on his mission.  I still think about all of that, but not as much.  (1 week)

Sister Hirsche:  I turn to the Lord.  I never read scriptures or prayed before I came.  I knew I’d come on a mission, but I didn’t prepare.  I’m more humble, I think more about others, and I can’t do this on my own.  I’m more patient as I’ve gone through trials (physically, emotionally and spiritually).  (14 mos.)

Elder Wunderlich and Elder Adams

Elder Wunderlich:  I wasn’t the most patient.  I’m learning about relationships and people.  Before if I didn’t like something, I’d just move on.  I have learned patience, and letting go of things that don’t matter or things that are not in my control.  I’ve grown in humility.  I recognize when I’m wrong.  I say I’m sorry if things got wrong.  I have more love overall.  My charity has completely jumped.  I am also learning to rely on the Savior.  (10.5 mos.)

Elder Adams:  I’ve been sick.  It’s humbling.  I can’t do all of it.  I can’t do any of it without help.  (1 week)

Elder Ranta and Elder Mayes2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (19)Elder Ranta:  I understand who God wants me to be.  I want to be that person.  Before I followed the world and my friends.  I was ambitious.  Before I was temporally ambitious.  I worked hard to make lots of money.  Now I think more about how to magnify my Priesthood.  I’ve fallen in love with the Priesthood.  I didn’t know how real the Priesthood is.  I never gave blessings before.  Charity comes from exercising the Priesthood and Godly emotion.  I love it.  Before I lived to make my dad proud.  Now I also want to please my Father in Heaven.  (1 year)

Elder Mayes:  I have become a better person.  I’m spiritually stronger.  My testimony has grown.  I am reading and praying to understand.  I’m praying to feel God’s love, and to know He is there.  I’m sharing my testimony.  I know what I know.  Before I’d read and not understand.  I’d pray, but it wasn’t personal.  I didn’t have the best friends or listen to the best music.  I didn’t make the best choices.  I’ve become a good missionary.  I want to help others become better too. (1 year)

Elder Mochizuki and Elder Putnam

Elder Mochizuki:  I can talk to people better.  I understand doctrine better.  Before I was focused on financial success and how to make money.  Now I focus on being a better person.  I’m more aware.  I see the cause of things.  Before I wanted control and freedom from having lots of money.  Now I see that freedom comes from spiritual things and being free from sin.  It’s a new outlook, a new perspective.  I always ask, “Is this going to matter in eternity?”  (1 year)

Elder Putnam:  I was good before–I went to church and seminary.  I did the routine over and over.  Now I want to learn more and improve on things and change.  I love the Book of Mormon more (it’s not a tedious chore to read it).  Now I’m learning more and loving it.  I’m gaining understanding.  I’m better at following the Spirit.  Before only felt it occasionally.  Now I follow the Spirit and am taught what to say.  (8 mos.)

Sister Enman and Sister Fox2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (22)Sister Enman:  I’ve learned about charity and getting along with companions.  I’ve learned to open my mouth and talk to people.  Before there was no way in the world I’d talk to a random person.  It’s still hard, but I’m doing it.  They deserve to hear what we have to share.  I love hearing people’s stories. (5 mos.)

Sister Fox:  I have changed in every single possible way!  I’ve learned to love.  Before my desires were good, but they were selfish.  It’s not about me.  It’s all about them.  Before I didn’t care much.  I lived in the moment.  It was all about FUN.  Now I appreciate my family, my standards, the prophet, the Spirit.  I appreciate ALL of it.  (1 year)

Elder Dalton and Elder Woodard

Elder Dalton:  I am growing patience.  I was a cold person at home.  I’m learning to love people unconditionally.  I’m more rooted in the gospel.  I think about the gospel and what I believe and want to be like the Savior.  Before I wasn’t going to stay active in the Church after high school.  Now I can’t imagine what I would do without the gospel.  I like who I’m becoming.  I’m setting goals to get rid of bad habits.  I try not to be immature.  I’m trying not to use casual language, filler words, or have bad verbiage.  (11 mos.)

Elder Woodard:  I’m more patient with other people.  I know more about gospel doctrine and how to teach simply.  I’m more mature.  Before I was an immature punk kid.  I did what I wanted to do.  Now I put myself in other people’s shoes more.  I try to meet their needs.  (11 mos.)

Elder Goodwin and Elder Hansen2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (27)Elder Goodwin:  I’m slowly changing.  I’m more motivated to do things.  I’ve always enjoyed serving others, but I didn’t ask to do it.  Now I look for it.  I’m thinking about how I can be a better husband and father someday.  I’m working on absolute charity and the will to do the things of the Lord.  I’m happy.  This is better than anything I’ve done before.  I hope this is not just the best two years, but the beginning of every year being better and better!

Writing notes to moms:2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (6)And this one I just want to share:2016-7-15 Interviews Wenatchee (25).JPG

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