Interviews in Ellensburg

2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (1)After another great night in Wenatchee, we headed to Ellensburg to see our good missionaries there.  We were greeted by District Leader, Elder Camit and the rest.2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (2)A mighty fine group of Elders:2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (15)

Dallin H. Oaks, BYU Devotional, 29 Sept. 1981, Speeches 1981-82, p. 26
When a choice will make a real difference in our lives– . . . and where we are living in tune with the Spirit and seeking his guidance, we can be sure we will receive the guidance we need to attain our goal. The Lord will not leave us unassisted when a choice is important to our eternal welfare.

How have you changed since coming on your mission?

Elder Camit and Elder Summit2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (3)Elder Camit:  During my senior year of high school I was always team and leadership orientated but now I recognize so much more potential in the talents and personalities of others.  I see the Spirit working.  Before I’d do my homework, then play video games, have fun or go hiking.  I enjoyed life, had fun and wasted time not using my talents.  I could’ve done more.  I used to get annoyed when my folks gave me advice.  Now there is so much more.  I have added scriptures, prayer and am finding hidden talents.  I like using my imagination when I read the scriptures.  I am more open with people and wish I had fellowshipped my friends more.  I am prioritizing my goals more.  This is a celestially grand work!  (1 year)

Elder Summit:  I’ve learned a lot about being more patient.  I used to speak out, now I hold my tongue.  I’ve learned I can be away from home.  I’ve learned how to make my studies and prayers more meaningful.  Before I did (church things) because I had to.  Now I rely on them.  The Spirit knows and I don’t.  I must totally surrender.  It’s easier to understand spiritual experiences.  I look for ways to receive blessings from Heavenly Father.  (4 mos.)

Sister Heffernan and Sister Goodrich

Sister Heffernan:  I think more about others.  I talk to people more.  I used to be very quiet.  I study my scriptures better.  I understand the gospel more.  Before I went to church but I looked inwards.  That’s all.  I always just looked for ways to help myself.  Now I find joy when it’s not all about me.  (8 mos.)

Sister Goodrich:  I LOVE missionary work and wonder why I wasn’t doing some of these things before!  My companion and I are making lists of all our member-missionary ideas and what we want to teach our kids about being missionaries.  Before if I met someone who didn’t believe, I was shy and I just shut down.  Now I listen and testify.  I’m getting to know people.  I listen and open my mouth.  Wow!  It’s so easy.  WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER???  I’ve gained more confidence.  Now I live it and I can testify of it.  I’m still nervous, but I’m doing it!  (1 WEEK).

Elder Folkman and Elder Bee2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (5)Elder Folkman:   I used to be very dedicated to some things but not to others like when I’d get up or go to bed or my free time.  I went to the gym.  I was super super shy.  Now I enjoy waking up early and I enjoy being social and talking to people.  I don’t judge people or compare as much.  I listen and learn more.  I set more goals now.  I’m more confident in myself.  I love being social.  I’m open to try new things.  (7 mos.)

Elder Bee:  My senior year I started learning about Jesus Christ, I started reading the Book of Mormon and I started becoming more active.  I knew a mission would benefit me.  My former Young Men’s President and my Grandpa had served missions and I wanted to become like them, to have the Priesthood and to be a Son of God.  Now I have more love for people and understand them more.  My relationship with Jesus Christ is getting stronger.  There are no doubts in my mind about what I am doing.  Change is easier.  I’m not fearful of change.  I’m not afraid to talk to people.  I’m an introvert.  I used to hate Preach My Gospel and I loved the Book of Mormon.  Now I’ve love both!  (9 mos.)

Hermana Garcia and Hermana Shewell

Hermana Garcia:  I am a LOT different!  Before I’d just go to church and Young Women and Girls Camp and just do it.  Now I see.  I Want to go, to learn, to see.  I Want to hear the Spirit.  Now I’m more submissive to God’s will and His timing.  I’ve learned how to communicate and talk to people.  Before I didn’t talk.  I’d just participate and do what I was asked.  When I go home, I’m going to be such a better member of the Church, helping to grow our Branch.  I love more and have a greater love for my culture.  I love my church family.  Before I was negative and easily annoyed.   (5 mos.)

Sister Shewell:  I’ve learned you don’t have to be perfect to be good in God’s eyes.  I’m finding that trials are the best way to be brought closer to Him.  (It’s hard not understanding the Spanish.)  (1 week)

Sister Averett and Sister Grigg

2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (11)Sister Averett:  Before I was a coach and a teacher.  I focused on getting married and going to school.  I was not committed to the gospel.  I only did what people saw.  I went to church (YSA) to meet people because I wanted to get married.  Now I am converted.  I will never leave.  I know too much.  I’m better at praying reading my scriptures and seeing people as children of God with divine potential.  (11 mos.)

Sister Grigg:  I love my family and the gospel.  I love the trials I’ve had.  I’ve learned about myself and my family being away from them.  What I used to think brought happiness (having boyfriends) is not so important anymore.  I can be so much more.  I can be me.  I need to become more.  I used to panic because I didn’t know what I should be doing.  I didn’t want to go on a mission.  The timing was very important.  I’ve grown so much.  I used to be a little snot.  Now I’m obsessed with church!  Does everyone understand how important this is??  (5 mos.)

Writing notes to moms:2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (19)2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (22)2016-7-16 Interviews in Ellensburg (17)

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