Interviews in Sunnyside

2016-7-24 Interviews Sunnyside (3)Today after church, we had 8 Interviews in Sunnyside (45 min south of Yakima).  Here are our fantastic missionaries serving there.

President Benson
Men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He can deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, and pour out peace.

I continue to ask each missionary how they have and are changing as a missionary from who they were before they came.

Elder Boren and Elder Flamm  (Elder Boren and Elder Steadman are comps and Elder Flamm and Elder Dodson are comps.)2016-7-24 Interviews Sunnyside (1)Elder Boren:  I am more open talking to people.  Before I preferred not to talk to people I didn’t know.  I feel more joyful talking  and getting to know people.  It’s really cool.  I’ve started to develop better study habits.  Before I had no drive to study.  I did enough to get by.  Know I know and understand things more.  Studying is easier.  Now I read to understand.  I’ve also gotten better with patience, especially when different missionaries have different senses of urgency and how they use their time. (1 yr.)

Elder Flamm:  I’m definitely more caring.  I care about people and their circumstances and how I can help.  Before I just thought, “they can handle it, let me read a book.”  I’m more motivated to actually do stuff that’s important like preaching the gospel and helping instead of just focusing on my needs, or letting things take care of themselves. (11 mos.)

Elder Stedman and Elder Dodson eating quesadillas2016-7-24 Interviews Sunnyside (4)2016-7-24 Interviews Sunnyside (18)Elder Dodson:  I always wanted to read scriptures and study, but there were so many distractions.  I’m growing more and more as I read the scriptures.  It’s less of a duty now and more of a joy.  It’s less of a life, more of a love.  (9 wks.)

Elder Stedman:  A lot has changed.  I’m more concerned with my own salvation.  Before I just went to church.  I was chill.  Now I have more spiritual introspection.  I’m more motivated to work, I feel more of a sense of duty.  I’ve had an Eric to Elder identity change.  I forgot who I was.  Memories from before don’t feel like mine.  It’s strange.  (10.5 mos)

Sister Robalin and Sister Fabiano2016-7-24 Interviews Sunnyside (10)Sister Robalin:  I’ve become better at understanding who I am.  I always have been taught that I am a daughter of God, but now I feel it, and feel it for others.  I have more ability to love differences in people.  Repentance is not a negative thing for me, but an opportunity.  We can’t just go through the motions.  Before I didn’t see how all of this was helping me.  I wasn’t very motivated before.  Now I have a much better sense of where I want to go and have a stronger motivation to get there.  (9 mos.)

Sister Fabiano:  Before I defined myself by the things I liked–TV shows, music I listened to, books I read.  Now that’s all gone.  It’s an interesting difference.  Now who am I?  I’m not someone in relation to those things anymore.  I’m more comfortable with myself.  I still get scared to do things, but I’m not ruled by fear.  Before I was terrified to do everything.  Mission life was not what I expected.  I’ve learned to start conversations with others.  It’s still hard and awkward, but it’s getting easier.  I’m practicing.  Before I would never make phone calls.  Now I do all the time.  (9 mos.)

Hermana Hinkle and Hermana Fano2016-7-24 Interviews Sunnyside (13)Hermana Hinkle:  Before I freaked out and shut down in difficult situations or when people did things I didn’t want them to do.  In school I was not patient with slow learners or teachers.  I had a testimony but not a tried testimony.  Now I still believe even when others don’t.  I can speak SPANISH!!  When I go home I will visit less-actives and invite them over and fellowship them.  I will act instead of just thinking about acting.  (8 mos.)

Hermana Fano:  I’ve been writing some differences in my journal!  I’m more social now and can connect with people faster.  Spiritually, I’ve taken a 180 degree turn.  I thought I had a good testimony, but know I know that the Atonement caters to individuals.  I know before, but now I feel I love people more.  It’s easier to love.  This is a huge thing.  I have a more eternal perspective.  I always knew there is life after this, but know I think about eternal bonds all the time–with my family, with friends I am making here.  My perspective shift is my biggest change.  I really miss my family, but I think more eternally now.  We were sealed together in the temple 3 years ago.  I know Heavenly Father loves us and I know He is always there for us.  (6 mos.)2016-7-24 Interviews Sunnyside (14)2016-7-24 Interviews Sunnyside (16)These are some of the finest Sisters I know.  I love them like my daughters.  The Elders are pretty fine too!

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