Interviews in Hood River

2016-7-26 Interviews Hood River (5)We continued down the road to Hood River where these fabulous missionaries are serving.  It was great to be with them.

Notes to moms:2016-7-26 Interviews Hood River (1)

Hermana Knight and Hermana Hull2016-7-26 Interviews Hood River (3)Hermana Knight:  I am definitely a lot less selfish.  I never thought I was but I was always thinking about myself.  I’ve learned repentance is a blessing.  I’m a lot more humble.  I take correction and change.  I’ve become really good at listening to the Spirit, not fighting with others when I’m in a bad mood, and I’ve become a peacemaker.  I’m skinnier!  I’ve got better at going with the flow.  Before I was hyper organized.  (9 mos.)

Hermana Hull:  I’m a lot more selfless.  In the MTC I wanted things done my way.  My reasons for coming on a mission:  so I can figure out how to hear the Spirit, so my Dad would get to have a missionary.  Before I didn’t want to change who I was.  Now I’m excited to repent.  Sin = some doctrine you don’t understand.  Selflessness = Jesus Christ.  (4 wks.)

Hermana Palsson and Hermana Andrews2016-7-26 Interviews Hood River (9)Hermana Pallson:  I know now what I want.  I have a voice.  I can make decisions by myself.  Before I relied on other people’s opinions.  I have gained a testimony of every little thing in the gospel.  I like it!!  Each part is true. I know this for myself.  I’ve learned to get along with people and live with someone.  I love this so much!  (8 mos.)

Hermana Andrews:  I have definitely learned to trust in the Lord more.  I always had a plan.  I don’t know what will happen next, or where I will go.  Before I was in my own bubble of self, school and friends.  Now it’s all about others.  I see their problems.  The way I see the gospel has changed.  It’s not just being a member–now it’s a lifestyle change.  (6 mos.)2016-7-26 Interviews Hood River (8)

Elder Vejnar and Elder Ence2016-7-26 Interviews Hood River (12)Elder Vejnar:  I’m better at not being judgmental with my first impressions.  I’m better at being charitable with people I don’t know.  Before I stayed in my own group of friends and didn’t go out of my way with people I didn’t know.  I’ve realized how important it is to continually work on myself and try to do better each day.  Before I was slack in some areas.  Now I want to improve in all areas.  I’m better at daily scripture study–2 hours each day!  I like it.  It’s awesome!  I’ve learned from members how to be a better member missionary.  Members have taught me a lot.  (11 mos.)

Elder Ence:  Where do I begin?  I’ve enhanced spiritually and emotionally.  I feel the Spirit more.  I feel God’s sorrow for people I talk to when someone drops us–people I hardly know.  With the Spirit I can focus more and longer and work harder.  I feel less selfish and more meaningful and sincere with people.  I’m still working on that.  My here and now is different from before.  It’s hard to remember my before.  (4 mos.)

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