Interviews in The Dalles

2016-7-26 Interviews The Dalles (20).JPGOur next stop was The Dalles, where we met with Zone Leaders, Elder Bonzo and Elder Watts.  They were both serving as missionaries here a year ago when our WYM began.  They have both returned and are happy to be serving here again.

Elder Watts and Elder Bonzo2016-7-26 Interviews The Dalles (17)Elder Watts:  to come

Elder Bonzo:  I actually understand what the gospel of Jesus Christ is.  Learning the Doctrine of Christ in the MTC changed me forever.  I had never put the pieces together.  I lived accidentally.  Now I have purpose–fully living the Doctrine of Christ.  I live intentionally.  The Church is my whole life.  I took Mission Prep, attended Seminary for 4 years, but I never really understood the Doctrine of Christ.  I’d read the scriptures, but I didn’t get much out of them.  We don’t teach 5 lessons here, we teach 1 lesson 5 different ways.  We teach Jesus Christ and his Atonement.  This has changed my life forever.  I want to live it.  I want to share what I’ve learned, to help others discover it.  (23 mos.)

2016-7-26 Interviews The Dalles (8)

Elder Burbank and Elder Quast2016-7-26 Interviews The Dalles (10)Elder Burbank:  I’m a lot harder worker.  Before I worked hard at basketball.  My desires have changed.  I was very worldly and prideful.  I am more righteous, I have better purposes, and a better vision for my future.  I used to sit in church on Sundays and check sports scores on my phone the whole time.  Now I listen.  I have more love for people and now I know better how to help them.  I’m more patient.  I like to talk to people more about them than about me.  We have a great Ward Mission Leader.  I want to be that kind of guy.   (1 yr.)

Elder Quast:  I’ve become more independent and self-sustaining.  I’m making more choices by myself and for myself.  (My mom used to buy all my groceries and do my laundry.)  Now I think and plan and budget my money.  I’m more comfortable talking to random people.  I can start a conversation with total strangers.  Change and transfers are a lot easier because I’ve done that before.  I’m learning to work with different people.  I’m so thankful for my parents.  (9.5 mos.)2016-7-26 Interviews The Dalles (13)

Elder Gaeta and Elder Wilde2016-7-26 Interviews The Dalles (14)Elder Gaeta:  My purpose has changed.  I came for my girlfriend. Now I’m here, preparing and getting to know God more and more day by day.  I can take something from each day.  I am learning to be obedient.  I’m deleting worldly music and learning to be happy on my own.  (5 mos.)

Elder Wilde:  Before I went to church, but I just went.  I always said it was true because I was told it was true.  I did it but I didn’t really care.  I did what I wanted to do–movies, music, I watched whatever.  I understand now why I am really here.  Studying helped me realize why I am really here, why this is so important.  This is the WHY of Everything.  Music has been big.  I’m learning to be patient and deal with stuff that happens.  I can get over things and move on.  I let go of anger more and move on.  I’m more positive and more patient.  (20.5 mos)

This humanitarian work was posted on the board and made me happy:2016-7-26 Interviews The Dalles (15)2016-7-26 Interviews The Dalles (16)

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